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  1. spuds414

    Capri Omega 14 for sale - Central Texas

    See craigslist add for more info: 14' sailboat - Omega Capri 14
  2. spuds414

    Optimum angle to sail upwind toward a windward mark?

    I found polar plots for the Omega Capri 14 (forerunner to the Capri 14.2) here, which I think were generated by c14_Jim? Omega 14 Sailboat: Omega 14 Polar Diagram for wind speed vs. angle vs. boat speed From those polar plots, you can calculate VMG toward windward ( VMG = Boat Speed *...
  3. spuds414

    Center Board up and down Strings

    boat, I'm looking for the Capri 14 handbook you referenced, but don't see the "C-14 hand book" tab you mention. Could you provide a direct link?
  4. spuds414

    Just bought an Omega Capri 14 - need advice on cleaning hull

    I just bought a ~40yr? old Capri Omega 14 off Craigslist. It has all of the critical hardware and rigging, but the hull could use some TLC. Images here: I'd like to protect and clean the hull with the minimal amount of effort and cost. I'm not concerned with looks...