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    PENNSYLVANIA Mini fish? If you can wade though this long winded Craigslist post there may be a mini for sale. Too far from me to check out, but I thought I’d pass it along
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    Lost sunfish

    Came across this on Craigslist, just thought I’d pass it LOST - SUNFISH - Sailboat - boats - by owner - marine sale
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    NEW YORK Sails, spars, mast

    White sail with stripes $75 Red white blue $50 a few small patchable holes Spars $75 Repaired spars $50 Mast $65 Mast, spar and mast set $150
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    Sunfish for sale Complete boat $500 Gotta part with some of the collection Late 60’s hull with new style rubber. Your choice of sails, red white blue or white with stripes, or I can include the bought new this season intensity sail for an extra $120 May be convinced to sell the trailer for $200
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    Why you should weigh a sunfish...

    Brought home my newest acquisition, ‘72 with trailer. Hull is in great shape, no dings, dents, holes or repairs. The sail looks original, has the infamous shadow board with a repair but the rudder is in great shape. Trailer could use some modifications but I felt it was a bargain for $175...
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    Buyer/seller feedback thread

    After a recent exchange with a well known member I came to realize this forum doesn’t have a thread like this.( or at least I couldn’t find it) If there is I’m sure a moderator can move this for me. Other forums I use do and it can be a helpful tool for newer member looking to buy or sell here...
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    NEW YORK Cheap Mast

    I’m looking for a mast, cheap. Suffolk county Long Island. Thank you
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    Sunfish rental near Orlando?

    We are taking the kids to Disney in February. Wondering if anyone knows where I may be able rent a sunfish for a day?
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    Curious mounting holes in the deck

    Any idea what may have been mounted in these two locations? Cleats maybe? But for what reason?
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    Craigslist score and mast tube repair

    So I scored a free sunfish today she’s old and ugly, and got her warts, but she’s 128lbs and 2 screws away from being useable (sailable?). Also came with 2 rudder/tillers and 2 daggerboards. So the story goes after a mishap on the beach this women’s 1980 sunfish (which she owned since new) had...
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    What’s the worst that can happen?

    So long and short is I recently starting sailing my ‘78 sunfish which I purchased for $350 complete with an extra set of spars. I had her out 4 or 5 times. Well needless to say I’m really enjoying myself, but I noticed the foam blocks are loose and deteriorated. Actually when I look in the hull...
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    Why’d I wait soo long?

    So sailing seemed like a nice relaxing hobby,a way to waste some time on the lake or bay on a nice summer day. Something I’ve always been interested in but there’s been other passions keeping me busy (family,sports and such). Well after my fourth child was born I picked up a used sunfish for...