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  1. kdub

    Capri Sailing Video

    I was inspired to look at youtube to see if there were any other sailing videos and I found this one. The thing that I found interesting that I wanted to point out was that they all have loose foot mains. Is this because the sails are designed to be rigged this way, or can any sail be set...
  2. kdub

    Fuel tank table

    I have been enjoying the summer so far with the Capri. I have been out in some fun wind, and I have also had some very calm days where I was happy to have my 4 hp Evinrude. Ever since I got the motor I have been constantly trying to improvise a great way to secure the fuel tank in the boat. I...
  3. kdub

    Christmas Gift

    My girlfriend got me a baby bob! Love it; looking forward to mounting it, but I think I will still call the boat the tidy cat.
  4. kdub

    Main Sail Foot

    I was fortunate to have the opportunity to sail on a friends boat yesterday afternoon. It is a lot bigger than our 14.2s, the boat was about 40'. I noticed that they had the main rigged without the foot slid into the slot on the boom. When I asked about this they told me that having the foot...
  5. kdub

    Jib Reefing

    I was wondering if it would be safe/possible to wrap the jib before launch to create a reefed setup to sail heavy wind. I have no furler and share in the desire to solo handle comfortably on a windy day. I have tried to work with main only, reefed and not, but it seems like the best way to get...
  6. kdub

    Outboard motor

    I just got back from sailing and had a rescue adventure. We were out on lake superior and the fog came in and with it the wind died. We could not see shore or anything but fog, and another sailboat that we were heading towards. We followed them for a bit and their sails dropped so we did the...
  7. kdub


    I was wondering if anyone had advice about adding telltales to my sail. Do I need them? what types of wind indicators do you all use? I never had them on my Butterfly, but know about using them from racing larger boats. Right now I just have some bright orange strips of light fabric loosely...
  8. kdub

    Hola de B.A.

    Are there any sailors from Buenos Aires? I am here for eight weeks of student teaching and am hoping to get out on the water.
  9. kdub

    Dog's first sail

    Since my exciting Fourth of July sail I have been looking for some places to sail other than big, cold, unforgiving, Lake Superior. My girlfriend also likes to have a bit of adventure with a large dose of comfort in safety so exploring other inland lakes has been fun lately. Our goal is to do...
  10. kdub

    Turtle on Superior

    I just got back from my fourth of July sail (testing out the new reef points that I had installed by a local boat shop) and it was the most exciting thing that I have done since sailing butterflies in gale force. I think that my reef points worked well to reduce my sail area but I found that...