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  1. joe c

    ok....some advice maybe before doing something really dumb...single hand virgin

    welll...ive decided i gotta try to run my l2 single handed. figure pick a low wind day at first. no spin. no traps. best i can figure is set the jib conservatively and trim on the main only. no gybes. slow tacks release the jib after rolling through the tack trim on the main then trim on the...
  2. joe c

    Hmmm....diamond shroud question

    1980 L2.. I. Getting ready to setup the trapeze stuff but no clue how the diamond tension. Is adjusted.. Put a screw driver on the tongue plate on the mast bottom to back the screws and guessing they've galled in..tried with my makita impact and exploded the screw tip.. The trap tangs mount on...
  3. joe c

    picked up a Laser II a while back

    needs all of the rigging redone so couple of questions. just some quick measurements and the boom for the 2 and standard look to be abloutt the same length. so guessing the mainsheet length is the same or close enough? still need to step the mast and could measure but figure the brains here...