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  1. norcalsail

    Second Sail Tomorrow - Could Use Some Advice!

    I very much enjoyed this video. Beautiful day, beautiful boat and beautiful setting. One thing to be careful of is when your daggerboard is up and extends above the lower boom, you need to keep a good eye on it. If the wind shifts, it can run the boom/sail into the top of the daggerboard, stop...
  2. norcalsail

    Help to identify this sailboat

    How is the wind on that lake? I have sailed on Lake Siskiyou in Mount Shasta and it is really shifty and fickle. Beautiful spot and the wind looks good in the photo!
  3. norcalsail


    I just subscribed to Lee's You Tube channel. Lots of good information!
  4. norcalsail

    Armada Relocation

    Oh look, there's Smedley. Your boats are like old friends...
  5. norcalsail

    Tomorrow I Launch For the First Time - Seeking Last Minute Advice

    I very much enjoyed this video of your first time out. As has been stated,"Been there, done that." Your boat's hull reminds me of my Oldfish in Wisconsin and the sail is like my new boat out here in California. You will get better quickly and I hope you post some more videos of your progress!
  6. norcalsail

    Tomorrow I Launch For the First Time - Seeking Last Minute Advice

    With the auto bailer, keep it plugged until you get some water in the cockpit. It only works when you are moving. Yesterday, I was out on Tomales Bay and accidentally opened it with my foot so be careful of that. Have a great time and post some photos!
  7. norcalsail

    Pintle pin up or down?

    I replaced my "C" clip pintles for ones with holes so I can use a cotter pin to secure. I think it might be a little more reliable. Sure do not want to pay for a new rudder!:D:D
  8. norcalsail

    New Tiller Extension Length

    The "extension" part of my tiller is 36". The total length is 7 feet.
  9. norcalsail

    Brand New 2021 Sunfish. Questions

    I noticed West Coast Sailing, where I bought my Sunfish (the "Commie Cruiser" to resurrect my old joke) is not stocking anything from Laser Performance at this time. No Lasers, Sunfish or any of LP's other boats. Not sure why but am a bit curious.
  10. norcalsail

    Brand New 2021 Sunfish. Questions

    Post some pictures when you get it in the water!
  11. norcalsail

    Chrome handle on the bow heavily pitted

    I would guess Marine Tex but hope you get an answer from other more qualified members!
  12. norcalsail

    Chrome handle on the bow heavily pitted

    I have this problem with the Oldfish in Wisconsin. Bought a new handle but did not replace it, although I did some much needed repair work with Marine Tex last summer. I am hoping to get there this summer and replace the handle since it is now upside down on my Dad's N scale train table. I also...
  13. norcalsail

    Ever rigged up a permanent tow line to tow others behind?

    The very first time I sailed with my friend Andy, I broke the plastic rudder cheek trying to put it up and down with the tiller. He towed me back with his Laser on a broad reach/run. It worked better when I joined him in the Laser (he knew better than me). We did not have to tack until the very...
  14. norcalsail

    Teflon Disc for Mast Base

    I put these in both of my Sunfish. The first one went in okay on my new Sunfish. I sent one to Wisconsin last summer for the Oldfish and bent the edges up a before installing it. I figured it would help a bit. Both my boats will probably outlast me either way. Here's a photo of the Old fish when...
  15. norcalsail

    Epoxy voids in mast step

    This is a repair I need to do on the Oldfish in Wisconsin. it doesn't leak as far as I can tell but it could use some attention before it gets worse.
  16. norcalsail

    Moving the Armada

    I'm looking forward to seeing the new yacht club!
  17. norcalsail

    Super Sunfish rig

    Not able to have any input but if you can make it happen, I will be very interested in seeing what you come up with.
  18. norcalsail

    Shiny Bottom

    Very beautiful boat and of course I like it because a have a '77....
  19. norcalsail

    Before and After Pics

    I need to do some cosmetic work like this on the Oldfish next summer in Wisconsin. That's a beautiful boat!
  20. norcalsail

    looking for spare rudder retaining clips

    I kind of didn't trust the C clip upon the advice of Andy here on the Forum. I replace my pintles with ones with holes and used the cotter pin only.