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    I'm with Kim on this one - too much work for a trailor sailor. For me, the topping lift works just fine. Paul
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    Boat Cover

    I agree with Larry. I bought mine also from the same company located here: The quality is excellent, and I have had it for three years with absolutely no problems. However, I recommend that you ask them to install two vents when you order one.
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    Near disaster

    Good looking photos! Now we can see what you look like. Isn't it always great to put a face to a name. The modifications to the mainsail look really good. I'm going to try to do the same later this winter. Thanks for posting the pictures. Paul
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    Cleaning up my C14 -- how to on fiberglass repair?

    Bill, I've used a product called MarineTex before for chips in fiberglass and had some pretty good results. If you are patient and careful enough, supposedly you can get a seamless, hard to detect repair (althouth I was never that good).
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    Thanks Art Porter!

    Nice article in the new Mainsheet magazine about the Mod 2 cuddy. I hope someday to be able to contribute and article of that caliber.
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    Near disaster

    Kim, Yahoo says your photo album is empty. Am I just too fast? Did you tell yahoo to share the album with everyone? Paul
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    Thanks, Kim. I'll definately pick one up and give it a try next spring! I always wonder how fast I am actually traveling.
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    I've never tried it. What does something like this cost?
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    Near disaster

    This sounds great, Kim. If you can't post a picture here, then please send it to me. I'm curious to see what the patches look like that you are describing. Was it difficult to put in the grommets? I'm jealous that you still have a chance to try it out. The sailing season here where I live is...
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    Near disaster

    I'm considering this hardware kit:{E43C56A1-0F65-4BA3-9EE3-32D3BC18920EVEREST4}&ic=430&eq=&Tp= but it looks like a lot of hardware to install (which I don't mind).
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    Roller Furling

    Wow, that's a scarey story Art. Glad you made it back. I'm headed out there hopefully in November and want to rent a boat. Where did you rent from, and would you recommend the place?
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    Beaufort Wind Scale

    I agree. Thanks, Dick :D
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    Welcome to our new Forum!

    For the moment, you can get there via Paul
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    Trolling motor recommendation or How do I get off the shore

    I'm still deciding between gas and electric. I would like something for more than just getting to/from the shoreline. I would like something that could run for a bit if the wind completely dies (which it sometimes does where I live). I found this...
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    Adjustable Traveler?

    Interesting point, THedstrom! I never thought of it that way. Since I sail single handed, as many of you do also, perhaps I should get a second traveler without knots for heavier winds (mine currently has the knots in it). Paul
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    Heavy Air

    Art, Just to make sure I fully understand.... you raised both the centerboard and the rudder all the way up? I've been wondering how to best keep the boat stable in higher winds if I need to go forward. Paul
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    Installing and de-installing th Jib Furler

    Kim, I really like this idea. If you can't post the picture here, please send it along. Two questions: 1. What is the diameter of the plastic pipe you used? 2. Did the pipe solve your problem of the jib not unrolling and your having to yank on it or having to move up front to fully unwind...
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    Trolling motor recommendation or How do I get off the shore

    Kim, I hope you read this and can repost to this thread. You said something about a certain gas powered moter you bought and reconditioned. You said something about it having an internal gas reservoir. (At least, I think it was you). I didn't write any of this down because I figured it was...
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    Say hello

    Bradley, I know that Kim Webb posted a reply here, but it is no longer here. Was there a loss of posts yesterday or today? Paul
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    Trolling motor recommendation or How do I get off the shore

    Did we lose something here? I thought others already posted a response to this message, but it seems like their posts were lost. Could those people, whoever they were, please repost? Paul