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    Video Probably posted already, but...

    A very interesting video. I would like to see a sequel. There is much more to add since that video was made.
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    Blatantly Non-Class Legal Laser Modifications

    This wing sail looks fascinating. I would love to experiment with this design if I had the R&D cash.. Wingsail Laser World Championships | Tropical Boating
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    Suggestions for a low gudgeon?

    You are allowed to put washers on the rudder hinge pins to raise the rudder assy.
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    Sponsors on sails

    What about purely decorative graphics? Waves, flames, fish, stripes etc.
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    Daggerboard drag

    It seems like a brake on the front of the board would have been a better place so the board bungee could maintain board pressure against it.. It would also prevent wear inside the board case.
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    Closed starting line

    CeeBee2, so basically you are making the starting line an upwind gate at mid-course. Would that be accurate? That would add an interesting twist to a racecourse also the benefit to the scorekeeper is obvious..We've never done it that way but it sounds interesting.
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    Closed starting line

    Nobody got really P.O.ed but there were a couple of indignant frowns for sure. I wanted to be sure there wasn't some other obscure reason for a closed line known only by the ancients before discussing it with them. Thanks for your help..
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    Closed starting line

    An issue came upon our weekly club sailing night concerning the start line. Normally it is closed after the start. This evening the RC said it was open. Someone got a little bent out of shape over it. We only had 5 boats out and no other boats on the lake. I didn't see any point in having a...
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    Laser insignia on non-class sails

    Hello all, These "replica" sails are showing up on Ebay. The problem is that they have the Laser insignia. They claim to be identical to class sails but are for recreation and training. Doesn't the class own the trademark? How are they getting away with this? Laser Radial Sail w/ class...