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    350 470 Seitech dolly

    Seitech 7006 aluminum boat dolly with Standard knobby ATV tubeless B tires 16" dia. x 6" (these are slightly larger and wider than the standard A size tires which are 14" diam by 5" wide). Configuration 1, length 112" and axle width of 56". Tires are in good condition.
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    Super Sunfish Rig and sail value

    Just bought a 1976 Windflite 14 that also came with an extra super sunfish rig and sail. Not sure if I really have use for it. I've never tried it. Was thinking of maybe selling it so I can get a dolly instead. Are these rigs sought after at all? Any thoughts on what the value might be? THanks
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    Repairing gunwale on 2008 sunfish

    Boat got loose in a storm and spent a day getting rubbed against the dock. How would you go about repairing this kind of damage to the gunwale. It's a 2008 and has the rolled gunwale. Does it need to be repaired? Thank you
  4. J

    Hobby Bob

    I know most people use a baby bob for their capri but I already have the larger hobbie bob from a hobie 16 I used to have and was wondering if it's too big to use on a capri.