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    Wanted: Used Sails, Hiking Straps, Misc Parts

    I had given some thought to doing that as well. Lengths, etc are available for the straps on the Catalina store. Do you have any pictures you send me of yours? Thanks
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    Wanted: Used Sails, Hiking Straps, Misc Parts

    Hi, I'm a new owher of a Capri with a laundry list of stuff to get. We are looking for used sails. Condition is more important than type. Also, looking for some good condition hiking strap. Lastly looking for a good condition traditional hank on forestay. Boat came with a roller furler but...
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    Used Day Sails / Hiking Straps

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and a new owner of a 1990 Mod 2 Capri 14.2. I'm trying to get her water ready for this season on a budget and was wondering if anyone had any good condition used sails and hiking straps for sale. My Dad and I are really looking forward to getting her out on the...