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    New Race Sail Availability?

    LP seems to have forgotten that the US is their biggest market and that summer is the primary selling season! Wonder how big the first batch of Portuguese sails was? Any idea? I should have asked to try sailing the one at my club - would have been interesting to see how it seemed vs a North.
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    New Race Sail Availability?

    I saw a Portuguese race sail about 2 months back that a club member got with a new boat. However, since then the story I heard is that LP’s Portuguese loft was not able to get any more sailcloth and therefore there weren’t going to be any more racing sails until they get more cloth. That is...
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    1979 Laser Restoration Questions/Thread

    Looks like a wood daggerboard to me, not foam. You could probable either cut the damage to be a 90 degree angle and epoxy in new wood which you’d then need to shape properly. You might also be able to use this method, which was designed for foam boards
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    Question on a mainsheet block

    Nick, did your dad sail at Lake Delta YC by any chance? If so, we might know each other. That is where I grew up. The club had an active Sunfish fleet up til the mid 80s.
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    Cutting that first hole anxiety.

    My 1983 was 121 and a friend’s was 119! My ‘83 held up pretty well and is currently raced by a younger sailor.
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    Composite daggerboard make?

    I agree about lack of helm when the the boat is properly adjusted and you are hiking to keep the boat flat. For rec sailors it’s probably nice to set it and forget it. The big thing for me with Sunfish is the pull on the sheet - that pulls a lot harder than the tiller. I second the post above...
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    50th Anniversary of World's Longest Sunfish Race - Around Shelter Island, NY

    I hadn’t done the race before and it is an incredibly interesting and fun - and challenging - race. I really want to do it again when there is more wind and we can get all the way around the island. We started in 8 knots or so. You can see some pix and a few minutes after the start here 50th...
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    Tomorrow I Launch For the First Time - Seeking Last Minute Advice

    Please let us know what happened. Videos are not necessary - a description will do. I am also wondering what happened to your rudder and tiller!!
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    Flying Fish sail for sale

    Every once in a while someone wants one of these. Here is a Craigslist link of one for sale. FLYING FISH SAIL - boat parts - by owner - marine sale ( It isn't my listing, I just saw the post. Feel free to move this to the right place on this forum.
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    2021 Sunfish North Americans at Lake Norman

    The regatta either started with the U flag or went to it quickly. By perhaps race 3 or 4 they switched to black flag for all starts. Looks like at most 2 or 3 people per race got caught. Results say Ret-BF and I assume those folks were black flagged.
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    2021 Sunfish North Americans at Lake Norman

    This link should go to pictures from the NAs. Shutterfly And this is a great pic of 81 boats lined up for the start of the last race of the regatta.
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    How's My Rigging?

    Guybrush, I second or third the idea of Just Go Sailing! The boat is more than ready as is!! I just got back from the Sunfish North Americans and there were boats there that were not rigged as well as yours. Good luck and enjoy!
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    2021 Sunfish North Americans at Lake Norman

    There was an unexpected 8-9 kts blowing when we went out today. The wind lightened some, and by the last leg of the last race it died, so unfortunately about 25 boats didn’t finish in the time limit. But given the three day forecast for light wind and storms each day we got lucky and had a...
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    Best de-powering method for racing

    You can still use a 2nd halyard with the Gust Adjust. But with the GA you only use two lines, the GA line and the halyard. With the true two halyard system you have two halyards plus a Jens line.
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    Best de-powering method for racing

    Were you at Toms River? If you are George from NY, congrats on winning the first race! I was there too, and everyone at the top of the fleet who used a Jens appeared to be using the Gust Adjust version. I was using a two halyard setup but on Monday bought line for the Gust Adjust. It is...
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    Anyone with the Right On trailer?

    Well obviously to each his own, but when you are traveling to a lot of regattas it makes life soooo much easier. I don’t need to have a friend or my wife come to the yacht club to help get my boat on the trailer to head to the regatta, or have them help me unload when I get home. A...
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    Anyone with the Right On trailer?

    It’s great. I highly recommend it. It’s not at my house so can’t take pix in the immediate future.
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    Is this a good deal?

    I don’t know if it’s a deal or not, but you might check with Park City Sailing. They have a 25 or 30 boat Laser fleet so should know fair pricing in Utah. They might also know of Lasers for sale.
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    Flying with Laser Blades

    I have, but it has been a long time. I think you may bump into a size issue and have to pay extra - and I think they really hit you in fees. I didn't look in detail, but look and click here Checked bag policy − Travel information − American Airlines Back when I did it I used a case like...
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    My new project boat.

    I think you are taking the right approach to grommet repair. However, it is possible to do it with very simple items. My Mom did the repair in the pic around 1980. It has a layer of duct tape covered by some cloth that was around the house that she stitched into place. The grommet is from a kit...