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    Sunfish vs Hobie Wave

    Just got back from Kezar lake in Maine where I learned to sail a sunfish 20 years ago. It was cold and rainy the whole time. Husband and I both got bronchitis. But we did manage to sail a bit. He won’t step foot in my sunfish but really enjoyed the Hobie. We live on a calm bay and have a beach...
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    First sail of 2021

    Set up boat at 8 am and had to take it for a spin. I think I was the first sunfish on Southold Bay this year. My four year old sunfish is still in great shape. Me? Older and heavier but I feel like a kid on the water. Have a wonderful sailing summer everyone!
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    refinishing wood dagger and rudder

    Hi all. It's been a wonderful summer (in a terrible year in our country) sailing on my 4 year old fish on the bay three or four times a week. My bay is very shallow at times and I have tarnished the wood boards a bit due to dragging them through the sand. Wondering if anyone can recommend a...
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    mainsheet gets caught on corner

    Lately I've noticed that when I change course the mainsheet tends to get caught on the rear corner. That requires me to stretch back and yank it straight. Easy to do in calm wind; not so easy in high winds or gusts. am I doing something wrong? Anyone have a fix?
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    Hoisting Sail is a Two Person Job?

    My husband helps me hoist although I do the slip knots and all. I try to do it solo but can't seem to manage. Last summer it all crashed down on my left thumb which made for a sore few months. I wonder if you all are able to raise the sail solo and if so do you have any tips?
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    sunfish cover repair question

    So the elastic cord that threads through and around the cover has come out. I can't seem to get it to thread back in. Has anyone had this issue and possibly figured out how to do it?
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    Main sheet cleat that locks in

    Hi. I bought a new sunfish last year and asked about a cleat that when you pull main sheet up locks it in, and releases the main sheet when you yank it down. . I was told they don't offer those any longer. But last week I sailed a lake in Maine at a resort and all of their sunfish had them. Does...
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    Winter storage

    Sadly we need to plan to take boat off Beach in two weeks and disassemble for storage in our garage. I wonder if anyone can tell me just how much disassembling we have to do? Can we leave the sail on the mast and lie flat next to boat on the dolly? Does boat have to be stored upside down? If so...
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    New forum member--what went wrong today?

    Hello. This summer I made a dream come true and bought a new sunfish to sail on Peconic Bay, Long Island. I should tell you that I'm 67 and have scant experience except for light sails on a Maine Lake. I took lessons with two instructors at a sailing school here and think I have the basics down...