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    I was out in heavy winds, and snapped my tiller. Where is the best place to buy a tiller? I am in Arizona. Thanks Bill
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    Wisker Pole

    I just received my wisker pole as my boat did not have one. It seems to have a spike on the end. I guess you spear this through the clew hole in the jib? I have seen some people use a ring tied into the jib sheet line at the clew? then use the same snap fitting thats used on the mast...
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    I have a tiller extension that is very nice to have when I am hiked out and moving. If I am on the edge of my ability and think my next tack or jybe is going to be harry, I quickly remove it before my move. during these transitions I get the tiller all jacked up. It's like in my way. It...
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    Outboard question

    I am in the market to buy a Honda 2 stroke. So, when I go out to some of the bigger lakes, I am not stuck in light winds. I am planning on storing it in my bow. I have a mod 3 boat and it seems pretty water tight. I have capsized a few times now but have never turtled. I am curious how others...