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    Sunfish Quick Adjust Lever

    This is a new, still in bag Quick Adjust Lever I bought for a MiniFish that I no longer have. I tried to cancel the order with SailRite but could NEVER get customer service's attention. I won't buy from them ever and now, I can save you the drama as well. This part is sold by them for $25.00...
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    Sailfish sail and spars?

    I saw this on Craigslist, is it a sailfish sail?
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    Slippery gooseneck

    My 76 minifish has a case of slippery gooseneck. I bought new bolts and nuts but still moves freely. I think my next step is to put a thin layer of rubber under the neck but that I’d see what the collective wisdom here is. I have a quick release on the way and want to avoid having to buy a new...
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    Really Nice 1970 Sunfish-Sold 5-17-2020

    You'd hard pressed to find a cleaner, more pristine hull in a 1970 version. The chrome rub rail is almost perfect! Has new Intensity sail and new line. Gel coat is clean and only a few normal scratches/scrapes. 1970 didn't have the storage area but this one does. Has a Missouri title and HIN plate.
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    My "new" Sunfish

    Bought a Sunfish this week. The title says it's a 1970 but there's a storage compartment in the back. The bailer is metal; there's no HIN the state has issued a metal id number (that's not mounted but is supposed to be. The clear coat is beautiful, no damage and everything is there except the...
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    Trolling Motor Battery placement

    I purchased my Capri Mod 2 back in February and have sailed on 2 times since then. In both trips, I have managed to capsize and in both cases managed to lose 2 very expensive batteries. The first time, the battery was just sitting on the bench because there was no wind whatsoever- until a huge...
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    Looking at buying an older 14.2

    It's been sitting outdoors so has bad mildew on the level surfaces and I suspect maybe inside the keel. Are there good places to put inspection ports so I can bleach it if needed? Also, its not sitting on a trailer but rather the ground. Could this be an issue? Thanks for sharing your knowledge!!
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    A Mystery (to me, at least) Rudder

    I have this rudder but don't know what it was made for. You can see a large "S" with a fish on it. Any ideas?
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    Phantom 14 question

    Hi All- I'm a new sailing kind of guy and I bought a Phantom 14. Its been great sailing but I have a couple of questions. I have found that the boat takes on some water. I see it dripping out of the bailer and to a lesser degree, out of the daggerboard opening. It actually seeps into the...