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    Help with Centerboard Downhaul Attachment ...

    I need some help with the centerboard downhaul attachment for my 2006 14.2. I've recently gotten this boat and there was no CB downhaul attached (or in with the rigging). I've rigged up a temporary shock cord that's tied to the CB and the mainsheet trunk. This appears to be working but I'd...
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    Luff Wire for furling jib (2006 14.2) ...

    Does anyone know where I can get a prefabed luff wire for a furling jib for a 2006 14.2 (#5312)? I am building a new jib and want to keep my old jib together. Any help is appreciated.
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    Owner's Manual for 2006 Catalina 14.2

    Looking for the Owner's Manual for a 2006 Catalina 14.2. Does anyone have a pdf version of this manual? Appreciate any help.
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    Wanted:  Capri 14.2 (2000 or later)

    Looking to purchase a used Capri 14.2 (2000 or later) in reasonably good shape (however I'd consider a project boat as long as the needed work isn't excessive). Sail condition is not an issue, I sew my own sails and am figuring I'll construct a new set before the spring. Good quality trailer...