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    LASER 196181 2009 with Full and Radial rigs

    2009 Laser #196181 - Fully equipped for racing, Carbon Tiller, Bottom and Top covers, Dolly with Fat Beach tires, Radial and Full rigs, new Radial sail, used three times, Race sail for full rig is shot, have 3 practice sails. Extra everything, with Bag. Boat has been well taken care of...
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    1982 J24 3318; $8,500 with double axle trailer - many upgrades

    1982 J24 3318 $8,500 with Double Axle Trailer New Main 2020 Z sails New Genoa 2017 Z sails 100% Jib – Fair condition 2 Class Spinnakers Spin Pole Whisker Pole Winches were re-bedded with Fiberglass matt and Carbon Fiber platforms. In excellent condition. All Stanchions have Marine Grade...
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    J24's in the Fairfield CT area

    We sail our J24 out of Blackrock Harbor, we seem to be the only J24 in the local area. I am looking for other J24's in the area of Fairfield. If there is enough interest we can organize a series of J24 regattas. My thoughts to have some fun Beer can races for the local area. Cedar Point One...
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    Electric Outboard Question

    I am considering replacing my old 4hp gas engine with a Torqeedo Electric engine. Does anyone have any experience with these engines on a J24? On Long Island Sound? My use is only in and out of the Harbor, about 15 mins each way.
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    Bow Hatch Repair of replace

    The Bow Hatch on my 82' #3318 broke when trailering it. It wasn't locked down properly and blew open. Not much damage but the supports under the Glass broke, so the hatch can't really hold any weight. Can it be repaired? or is it worth it buying a new Bomar hatch. Lewmar makes a hatch for...
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    PIXEL Upgrades

    My 12yr old son races PIXEL's great boat for his age before moving to a Laser or 420. I want to upgrade the Boom Vang, from the Stock 3:1 to a Laser style 15:1 Harken. Does anyone know if the boom is made to handle the load, similar problem to the pre 1983 Laser Booms that don't have the...