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    Irish Sea Challenge

    Two guys are sailing from Dublin (Ireland) to Southport (England). 115 Nautical Miles in Lasers for charity. Hope you dont mind me posting (I have no attachment, just interest in the size of the challenge), as you can see it's that feller from Rooster again
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    Pin The Tell Tail On The Sail

    I have recently acquired a bag of new tell tales for my sail as the single solitary tell tail I have is starting to look a bit lonely up there. So... to prevent my sail from resembling a shag pile carpet I would like to know what the common opinion is, on where is the best place to locate tell...
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    Laser Cradle

    A year or so ago I was googling and found a cradel storage solution for a laser. It was like a cradle which allowed you to store a laser on its side (in the garage or for repair). I can no longer for the life of me find it now. Anyone know what I am talking about.... now the link to the site...
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    Laser Fleet Questions

    I am trying to re-invigorate the Laser Fleet at my sailing club. Currently we have about 30+ lasers in the boat park, however only get 5-6 regularly on the water. I am starting by putting together an online questionaire/survey to try and find out why they aren't sailing and why there boats are...
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    A frame or T frame Trailer. Whats best?

    Simple and short, whats better an A Frame Launch Trolley/Roadbase (Bramber type with the roller) or a T Frame Launch Trolley/Roadbase (Trident/Snipe etc..) I currently have an A frame trolley however been looking for a roadbase for it for it for nearly a year without success (some prices have...
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    Laser Team Racing

    Anyone ever done this anywhere? Imagine it could be good fun..
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    Is the Olympics Really All That??

    With the Olympics just over two years away and the top sailers all getting ready for the big qualification events that 2011 will bring, I would be interested to know what people think about the Olympics as a whole. I was reading an article about the recent Finn Gold Cup won by Ed Wright (GBR)...
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    Clew Sleeve or Velcro Strap

    Clew Sleeve or Strap, Whats better, the sleeve looks allot easier to rig up than getting the velcor strap around the boom (inside all the controls) and then hooking it on to the outhaul. Interested to know which is actually better to use? Thanks
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    Special Edition Lasers

    Doing my usual thing and looking at the usual for sale boards I have noticed quite a few 'special addition' Lasers about. the Black Magic, Race '99, Ben Ainsle, Graffiti how many different special addition Lasers are there and are there specific sail number bands which they cover, are they...
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    Downhaul & Cunningham Control Lines Leading from XD Deck Cleats

    OK, sorry a bit of a long title there...... Where does everyone lead there cunningham and outhaul control lines to with the new XD Deackcleats. I have tried a few different ways but can't seem to figur out a way of not getting them tangled. First of all, I never use the side cleats so I...
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    Road Bases, Trailers & Trolleys

    I am currently on a quest to find a road base for 'Tilly' (my Laser) so I can get up to the lakes. I currently what is a 'Laser Branded' A-Frame Launching trolley which I think is a Bramber, however it has a spike on the front under the bow rather than (what I would expect to be the usual)...
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    Car Topping a Laser 1 with Launch Trolley?

    Hi All, going to pick up a laser on Saturday and just wondering the following I am planning on car topping it and have read through the threads on here about doing such however cant figure out whether or not you car top with the launching trolley/dolly or not. If the laser is upside down on the...
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    Advice on buying 2nd hand laser

    Hi All, Am new to the Laser class (mainly sailed Enteprises in the UK) and am looking at buying my first laser (second hand). I am going ot see it on Saturday afternoon and was just wondering if I could get some pointers and what to look for and what to watch out for. The sail number is mid...