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    Looking for Phantom Sailboat

    The Fulcrum Speedworks (RI based manufacturer of the UFO foiler) is making a new boat called the Rocket. The Rocket is basically a revised Phantom. The underbody is from the same mold, but it sports a revised deck and is made of advanced materials keeping the weight light. Obviously more than...
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    Turtle Prevention

    I will attest to the quality of the dinghy bob from Areo South. I bought one for my father, we race regularly. It is well made and works. My 71 year old father capsized on Saturday during a race and the bob prevented a turtle. I feel that it's the tool for the job, I appreciate that it's...
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    Painting a Sunfish (using an automotive epoxy and urethane)

    shorefun is absolutely right about about the being concerned about isocyanate exposure. My intent was only to show an alternative low cost finish to Awlgrip and Awlcraft marine finishes, both of which I believe have the same isocyanate health risk concerns as the paint I used.
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    Painting a Sunfish (using an automotive epoxy and urethane)

    After many years of active racing and multiple gelcoat touchups including a fiberglass repair of the bow and the port chine I decided it was time to refinish my 1991 Pearson built sunfish (I know, not a great year but I've won many races on this boat and what can I say, it works). Putting...