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    Capri 14.2, mast spreaders

    I have two sets of spreaders( I don't have the lengths at hand to measure). In principle, which is best ? a longer spreader or a shorter one. Does it matter? Both are OEM by Catalina. Thanks for comments! Barry
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    Wanted:  Capri 14.2 jib fair lead and cleat (port and starboard)

    Looking for port starboard ; jib fair lead and cleat. The jib fair lead and cleat is one piece. Barryhavens4 at g mail dot com
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    Tiller too long?

    Has anyone found that their tiller gets in the way when tacking? When sailing with two in the boat I have moved the tiller back 6 inches and still find moving from one side to another is awkward. Any suggestions or just get use to it. Thanks Barry
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    Furling jib questions

    i have an un rigged Harken furling jib. I assume that it is rigged with out the halyard. is that correct? The boat will be stored lake side with the jib up. I would like to put a jib sock on it to protect the jib from UV. Would it make sense to just use the jib halyard ( or a lighter weight...
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    Storage question

    I am considering storing my 1989 Capri 14.2 on the shore of the lake where I will be sailing. Should the hull be on a dolly? Old carpet? Several bumpers or fenders? I am concerned about the hull becoming deformed, or scratched. Any suggestions would be welcome. I am also thinking of making a...
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    Wanted:Capri 14.2

    Wanted: capri 14.2' middle Tennessee .