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    Looking for a laser boomvang

    Have you acquired your boom vang? I have one if you are still interested, assuming you need the old style vang.
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    Collection of Laser hardware

    Thanks for your interest. I am located in zip 46737, but I would need $25 for the pair of cam cleats, if those are the ones you are interested in. Let me know.
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    SPARS: full rig lower mast and boom

    Thanks for your interest. I will attach the requested photos. Sorry for the duplication. I'm not familiar with the procedure.
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    Used Full-Rig Sail

    This item is SOLD.
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    Collection of Laser hardware

    I am located north of Ft. Wayne, near the Indiana/Michigan state line. Please call me at 266-577-fifty-four seventeen if you have questions. Thanks for your interest. -- Jack
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    Used Full-Rig Sail

    Dan, I priced shipping yesterday, but I think we need to explore a couple of alternatives. Would you please call me at 260-577-fifty four seventeen? -- Jack
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    Used Full-Rig Sail

    I will go by the post office tomorrow to get the shipping cost and get back to you. Thanks for your interest.
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    Used Full-Rig Sail

    This sail is perfectly usable for recreational use or club racing. There are no rips or tears. A set of battens is included. Shipping extra.
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    INDIANA Collection of Laser hardware

    Collection includes rudder assembly (no blade), six Harken blocks including two ratchet blocks, two 5" inspection port covers, pair of cam cleats, pair of clamcleats, original boomvang blocks, traveler blocks and line, two original tiller extensions, one grab rail, rudder stop, and a hiking...
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    INDIANA SPARS: full rig lower mast and boom

    Class legal lower mast section and boom from a 1977 boat, but in fine condition. Both for $200. Separately, the boom is priced at $100 and the lower mast section is $100. Shipping extra.
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    HARKEN BOOMVANG - price lowered

    It is still available. Give me a call. -- Jack
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    Vintage Laser

    I am interested. Please let me know how I can contact you by phone, text, or email. Thank you. -- Jack
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    The Youth Sailing Foundation of Indian River County (Florida) is seeking the donation of three used radial sails in usable condition for our instructional program. We are a non-profit organization that provides free sailing instruction to youths from eight to eighteen. Please keep us in mind...
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    HARKEN BOOMVANG - price lowered

    Thanks for your interest, John. You will find the upgraded rigging a MAJOR improvement. Please contact me at 772-562- oh five one five or email me at so that we can continue the discussion about the boomvang and other rigging. Thanks. -- Jack
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    FLORIDA HARKEN BOOMVANG - price lowered

    SOLD--- Harken vang: works great, fully rigged, includes curved key. Will provide photos upon request. I am selling this for our non-profit sailing organization that provides free sailing instruction for youth 9-18 (Youth Sailing Foundation of Indian River County). Contact me at...
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    FLORIDA ORIGINAL Style Boom Vang

    The Youth Sailing Foundation of Indian River County, Florida (a non-profit) is seeking original style Laser boom vangs for three of the boats we used to educate high school sailors. If you have upgraded your boom vang and don't need your old one any longer, please consider donating it to our...
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    Two top sections

    I am interested in one of your top mast sections, and possibly both of them. Can you provide me with the shipping costs for both of them and for just one of them to 46737? I could pick up a UPS shipment in Waterloo, Indiana where they have a "depot" instead of having them deliver to my home, if...
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    2001 Laser for Sale

    Still available? Please call 772-562-0515. Thanks.
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    Laser wanted - West Michigan

    I have a 1975 Laser in VERY GOOD condition. A trailer in excellent condition is available also...can deliver for slight fee. Please call me at 260-eight three three- 9896 if interested. -- Jack