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  1. mixmkr

    Question on a mainsheet block

    L&vw....countersink screw holes to prevent stress cracks. Sometimes they're just unavoidable....depending on location. None of my "new" hardware has caused cracking, at this point in time. My objection to centerline, non swiveling cleats is that you normally have to lean in to uncleat. That...
  2. mixmkr

    Question on a mainsheet block

    I agree....the pic with the cam cleat on centerline, on the lip of the cockpit edge couldn't be in a worse position. The original hook isn't too bad in that location, but unless you're in calm conditions, that centerline cleat is asking to be dumped. Cam cleats positioned on each side, as far...
  3. mixmkr

    Armada Relocation

    You might re-think having the gudgeon right next to that support. Should your boat slide a half inch, might be an issue. Forward another couple inches might help.
  4. mixmkr

    Hull Painting Below waterline

    Vc17 comes in red and navy blue too. Sounds like you used the regular
  5. mixmkr

    Inspection port advice

    Tidy Bowl.
  6. mixmkr

    Inspection port advice

    If you ever feel like you'd ever reach in there, you might consider an appropriate length bolt or put a dab of caulk over the nut or screw end. Might save you from grabbing something to wipe the blood off the back of your hand!
  7. mixmkr

    Repair Options for Stress Crack in Deck

    Fix from underneath as suggested. Leave the stress crack alone on the deck at this point. You'll never match the gelcoat color and if you do, may not match in 2 years....meaning your repair will be MUCH more visible than the small crack now...especially if you have no experience applying and...
  8. mixmkr

    Mast Cleat Mishap

    L&vw idea is a neat trick. I've used wood battens or similar with nuts...same idea..., slightly siliconed, so the silicon hold could be overcome when removing the stick and leaving the out of reach nut intact. A lock washer helps to snug the bolt also, with a quick twist. Plan on potential...
  9. mixmkr

    Sunfish upper boom/spar...

    Black zip ties will last the longest...typically years.
  10. mixmkr

    Sunfish Restoration Tips - things that work

    All good ideas. To add...there are two 3M compound/waxes... one for heavily oxidized...and one not so. The first is The best choice. A rotary buffer with a 3M pad...yes $30+ for the pad works best imo. Also...toilet bowl "Tidy Bowl" works great on stubborn stains. The let...
  11. mixmkr

    Painting a Sunfish (using an automotive epoxy and urethane)

    You can buy quarts of Awlcraft for about $100...and the kicker slightly less. I guess some thinner will get you close to $250 for one color. I never use Awlgrip because you really can't final sand and buff, as the clear coat rises to the top. That said, auto paint is a good choice, less...
  12. mixmkr

    Original brass deck drain.

    Cut that Sunbrella with a hot knife...unless it's some non-synthetc fabric that'll burst into flames. :-) :-)
  13. mixmkr

    Dressing up spar, boom and mast.

    I've yet to see the "barber pole/candy stripe" sailboat spar
  14. mixmkr

    Help me get that super smooth finish

    High end painting is a skill. You're best off to use a paint that can be finished sanded and final buffed...and thin the paint enough without causing it to minimize the orange peel. Low cost paints such as Interlux Brightside will let you do that. If properly applied on a horizontal...
  15. mixmkr

    More issues with our hull!

    I've had other boats with a hull flexing issue (Puffer, for instance) and I just cut a hole in the bottom and glass a support "rib" to the pan (or cockpit sole) or whatever was needed. Then glass the boat bottom back up. I did this only because a fairly large area was flexing too much for my...
  16. mixmkr

    I need educating please.

    The products you mentioned are sometimes interchangeable but generally are intended for different purposes. You're smart in learning the best products for the job. The Sunfish sees a lot of amateur repairs or those from beginners just learning. That's ok. For the most part, everything can be...
  17. mixmkr

    Suggestions for what appears to be a cosmetic hull crack

    Within the next vigorous 10 outtings
  18. mixmkr

    What were these holes in my sunfish cockpit?

    Looks like an abandoned 12 volt plug receptacle.....for a blender, DC fridge or maybe autopilot power source.
  19. mixmkr

    Storing on the water?

    That's not true for all bottom paints. It sounds like you're describing an ablative type paint, thst is softer and meant to wear away, exposing more if the antifouling ingredients. Modified hard epoxies will not rub off. There is a super thin, Teflon based paint, that dries in minutes. It's...