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  1. WaterDawg

    For Sale:  Capri 14.2 Handbook

    I've got a Capri 14.2 Handbook (3 ring binder) from the Capri 14.2 National Association. Any dates in it refer to 1992 when mentioning bylaws and such. $10 plus shipping.
  2. WaterDawg

    Boom wanted

    nope, sold mine
  3. WaterDawg

    Looking for used mainsail and jib for Capri 14.2

    No sorry, I sold them over the winter. All I have left is a spare boom and a complete boat and trailer.
  4. WaterDawg

    Boom wanted

    you still interested in the boom?
  5. WaterDawg

    De-masted in Mission Bay 2013

    You can fix those holes by using waterproof epoxy. Fill them in with it. Let it dry and redrill.
  6. WaterDawg

    Wanted: Main and jib sails

    I'm OK with an independent review, but did you click on my link? There are many close ups of the sails. Those pictures, (the ones in the link, not attached above) are sent to SloSails and evaluated. I'm in Vermont. I have no problem shipping them to a sailing club or sail maker of your choice...
  7. WaterDawg

    Wanted: Main and jib sails

    added link to all the hi res pictures
  8. WaterDawg

    Wanted: Main and jib sails

    This is the best I can do for you. but here is the original link with all the pictures: When I bought the boat it came with a set of Racing Sails and Rainbow Sails. I don't race and love the colors. Figured someone else could use the racing...
  9. WaterDawg

    Wanted: Main and jib sails

    I have a set of Racing Sails for sale. Jib is for a Roller Furling and has the Luff wire on it. Asking $400 for the set. Let's talk.
  10. WaterDawg

    Boom wanted

    I have a Boom for a C 14.2 e-mail me or send me a Private Message
  11. WaterDawg

    "Topping Lift"

    According to the pictures it does and they have been around a while. I'm working on making one myself, but in the meantime, I just used a topping lift line.
  12. WaterDawg

    Omega 14 crack in storage box

    very different from the Capri sorry can't help you, but it does look to be fiberglass and repairable. If it is plastic, you can still fix, mend or weld it.
  13. WaterDawg

    Omega 14 crack in storage box

    Do you have a picture? Many of the boxes can be removed and a door or panel added. If the dimensions are the same as the Capri 14.2, I have a box for sale that was removed from my boat.
  14. WaterDawg

    Whisker Pole Eye Pad

    how does the whisker pole mount into that? Anyone have pictures?
  15. WaterDawg

    Mooring Advice

    a lot depends on the lake bottom. That alone determines the type and weight of the mooring anchor. Hard Sandy bottom means an easy drag so you need it to be heavier. A Muddy bottom will allow the anchor to sink into the mud and become "stuck" which is what you want. Myself...I happened to...
  16. WaterDawg

    Hobby Bob

    I have the larger Bob on my mast and it works and looks fine
  17. WaterDawg


    The boat does not have a downhaul, you have to use the Boomvang and the Cunningham
  18. WaterDawg

    How do you tie your jibsheet?

    I'm a bit nuts and used an Apline Butterfly Knot. Cows Hitch can move on you and a Bowline CAN come undone. That said, the Cows Hitch is the least bulky and will not catch on the shrouds like the others (including mine)
  19. WaterDawg

    How many C-14.2 do you need to make a fleet?

    so what was the answer...I just discovered another on my lake so we have TWO!
  20. WaterDawg

    Wanted: Used Main and Jib

    I've got a set for sale...see the classified section.