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    Hiking straps for 1991

    Here are some pictures, it's my first time uploading them. These are the "before" shots from cleaning my boat so im not sure if they're exactly what you're looking for, but in any case, I'll be out sailing again in about a week so if you want some different photos just let me know.
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    music on my 14.2

    did you ever tie in a solar panel to the deal?
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    Fairing the bottom

    That boat looks great!! Really nice job. How much did it cost you to redo the gelcoat on it? My boat is a pretty weathered and I've spent a few days scrubbing with every kind of cleaner I can think of and still can't get it as bright and white as I'd like. Any reccomendtions on cleaning...
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    Hiking straps for 1991

    hiking straps On my boat I do not believe I have original hiking straps, but they're made out of seatbelt material and then covered over in neoprene. Really rugged and comfortable. Instead of attaching to the underside of the barney post, they just bought another triangular hiking strap...