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    2014 Ullman sails almost new

    2014 Ullman sails hardly used. Will ship for $45 anywhere in the continental US. Combination price $3450 ($700 savings per three sail purchase), individual price as listed below. Main $1350 Used three times 260 SFHTP+ Cloth, Cross cut construction, Max class rules, 4 short battens, 2 vision...
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    J24 Sails for Cheap!

    The sails are in storage for the winter so I can't say I do.
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    J24 Sails for Cheap!

    I sent you a message
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    J24 Sails for Cheap!

    Have a couple of older J24 sails for sail. Buy two or more and shipping is included! 2007 North Pentex Genoa $375 (sold) 2001 North Spinnaker $225 1994 Sobstad Main $175 (sold) 1990 Sobstad Jib $125 (sold) Pentex is well used as the fibers are breaking though in some areas but still does well...
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    Used Sails For Cheap

    Both Genoas sold. Spinnaker still available.
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    Used Sails For Cheap

    Have a few well used sails that someone could grab as a set to hit around the cans or a good to fair practice set. 98' (Good/Fair) North Genoa $150 06' (Good) North Genoa $250 Well Used practice North Spinnaker $130
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    Los Angeles J/24 needs new home - #3885

    Is the boat still for sale?
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    Mast for sale

    Is your mast still available, I am in your area. Chris Archer 360-202-4103