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    470 wanted

    There are a number of 470s in Florida up for sale. Let me know what price range you’re looking for. Contact me at hughes470
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    Looking for used spars

    Yes, I have masts in MA and FLA. Email me at
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    For Sale 2011 Ziegelmayer 470

    I have 470s for sale in MA/RI and FLA. Email me at
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    Install bailer on Vanguard 420

    Installing an Anderson isn’t too difficult so long as you pay attention to the cut out and are willing to do some gelcoat filling. I have some for sale if you decide to try.
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    Where to buy slot strip?

    I have some for sale. Email me at
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    Outhaul design for 470?

    A single cleat under the boom aft of the Vang attachment Works well. 8-to-1 is best (this is 4-to-1 internally and 2-to-1 at the clew).
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    For Sale Pre-Olympic Purge

    It really depends on the quality and usage of the sails. To be honest, I’m sure we can find something in whatever condition or price range you’re looking for. Contact me directly at
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    For Sale  1 Pre-Olympic Purge

    Hi, everyone...the Olympics are coming and we’re looking to purge our 470 kit and put any funds raised toward our final effort in Japan. Let me know if there’s something specific you might be searching for. Sails, masts, mast fittings, parts and pieces...yo7 name it. Email
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    Wanted, sails for vintage restoration

    Here’s my email! Let me know if I can be of any help.
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    Looking for a Jib

    I have some used jibs. Contact me at Best, Dave
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    470 Layout

    The mystery blocks are likely for the trapeze bungee system. Modern boats put the same block just behind the centercase and on the keelson.
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    Looking for 470 Owners in New England

    Jeff, do you still have your 470 going?
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    470 Layout

    The board should have enough play that when the boat is flipped on land the board wants to fall down. On land, use the Cunningham to hold up the head of the board. Often, the trailing edge of the board will hit before the head of the boar does. To combat this, most boats add a stopper on the...
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    470 Layout

    Strap stops the trailing edge of the board from hitting the traveler bar and/or old-style compass mount. The hole in the aft wall of the centercase (with two cam cleats at angels) is for the spin halyard.
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    For Sale  150 SAILS!!

    Lots of Olympic-caliber sails for sale. Modern designs. North Sails, mostly. Looking to move them at low prices. I have a variety of conditions, but even the worse sail is still decent! I’d like to help the class and clean out my garage at the same time. Email is best.
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    Need to replace centerboard and cover - Does anyone have one?

    Yes, not a problem on centerboards or other parts. Email me at
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    For Sale 1970s Vanguard 470

    Let me know if you need any parts and sails. I’m looking to unload items for low prices. Email me at
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    Looking for a replacement center board for a 470...

    Bruno....did you find a CB?
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    For Sale Four main and Nine jibs for sale

    Do you still own USA 1715? I believe USA 1750 was a Zieg and is now located in Miami. Just curious! We're trying to find owners of older boats to promote the class. See the class website at My email is
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    I have a lead on some for sale. What level are you looking for? Email me at