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    A question for non english speaking sailors

    When you hear a person speaking english, what sounds are predominant? For example, I speak only english and if I hear french I hear "ool" "noor" and perhaps some "ss" Spanish from Spain seems to be "lispy". Lots of "swippshy swippshy" sounds, while spanish from Argentina is much more sharp...
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    Comparing old sail performance to new sail performance

    I took my new sail out in 15 - 20 knots yesterday and noted some differences from my old sail. Overall, there seems to be a much smaller margin of error for efficient sail shape. The most critical being the areas controlled by the cunningham. The major difference is that acceleration was...
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    Downwind radial technique for visual learners

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    Remember Kids, be humble in your sailing

    like Tom Slingsby... http://
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    Taping a centreboard case leading edge

    My ongoing struggles with getting my board to stay where I put it have forced me to take extreme measures. I'm going to use some tape in the case. Imagine my surprise when I find the rules tell me I have to use a single layer of "general purpose" 30mm x 30mm up to 2mm thick. What General...
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    It's Sunday

    Since it's sunday afternoon i though i'd take a look round SA. they have all kind of delightful advertising in the side bar, but this one caught my eye. Don't know why maybe it was the quality of the product. Got me thinking. I have never seen a girl like this sail a Laser, so obviously...
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    Drugs and sailing.

    America's Cup sailor's cocaine case reopened 11:15AM Sunday March 23, 2008 The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has reopened the case of New Zealand sailor Simon Daubney, cleared after testing positive for cocaine during the last America's Cup in Valencia. WADA's director general New Zealander...
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    Snubbed - it's an outrage!

    The centre board snubber. Who designed these? The v cut in them nowhere near matches the trailing edge of the board, they split within days and they're too short to adjust forward properly. In a world full of chinese plastic you'd think they'd come up with a cheap effective part. Forget...
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    The Boat Whisperer Series

    Just spent the last week using the boat whisperer series as a training manual. It isn’t advanced stuff at all. It reminds people who have forgotten how to sail properly, how to sail again. The theory presented works on flat water lakes or on the sea. Waves have nothing to do with it – merely...
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    Laser Flying

    I was thinking...if you strapped the mast athwartships over the deck, tied the clew down to the bailer then skidded your laser down the face of a mountain toward a ravine, you'd have a makeshift glider.
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    Next AC July 2009?

    Oracle have won the latest round of court shenannigans against Alinghi which could see the next multi-challenger series in July 2009. Great stuff. Word is that the boats will be the new IACC 90 class.
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    Reducing corrosion/ choosing rivets/anti corrosive compounds

    To cut a common story short: Mast broke yesterday at rivet in top section. Sail sleeve ripped. Skipper back-flipped into water. Broken top section to become new boom. New top section ordered. May look at replacing sleeve on sail and using sail for practice only (sleeve repair not legal) –...
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    I've always found it quite difficult to

    participate in locked threads. It really puts a damper on conversation, don't you think? :p
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    Traveller fairleads

    I broke one of my traveller fairleads, and the other is on its way out. Can I use harken 424 micro "flairleads" instead of the Holt Allen 282's? The harken flairleads fit the holes already drilled for the HA282's. Can't see how this would give me an advantage over anyone else, except that I...
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    Speed increase from selling your nana and buying a new sail

    I've heard that a new sail will improve your "overall speed" (whatever that means) by up to 3-5%. True or no? If it is, how much is that extra 0.025 of a knot worth to you?
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    I need a Harken 466 block

    Who wants to swap me one. Can't find them in NZ. Not even at Harken NZ. I am willing to trade my Ben Ainslie Laser Campaign book (incl.CD) in pretty damn good condition, for a 466 either new or second hand as new. You send me the block, I send you the book. No money need change hands...
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    It's official: Harken clew hook is

    off chainsaw’s list of approved fail safe products. :eek: oh my lord... why chainsaw why? :confused: because it let go this afternoon in 20knots while reaching. Bang! Just like that. My guess is that the more load you apply to these hooks the higher the chance if them popping off. It...
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    Ross B appreciation HQ

    Ross B is a good chap, you may have seen him running down the corridors of Sailing Anarchy at lunchtimes, but sometimes he gets more than his fair due of the hassle bat. Sometimes, a single comment unleashes a torrent of verbal attacks, and in the heat of the moment threads are moved or locked...
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    Life in the NZ

    Out here in the pacific we would use No.8 Fencing wire and Gran’s old galv’ washtub. This kind of situation carried on until the early 1980’s when our long standing Prime Minister failed to retain his position and Free Market Economics rushed in like a Robber’s Dog. Back in the pioneering...
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    Who wins the start of race 1?

    Race one of the America's Cup: Ed Baird or Dean Barker? I say Ed Baird. :eek: