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    Telltail placement!

    Hi, Just got a new main and I dont know where to put my tell tails?! could someone please be as precise as possible in telling me the best area for placement? Also, do you think it is best to usethe cotton telltails or the nylon ones. I have heard that cotton is more popular. Thanks Rob
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    Rivit removal tiller extention

    Does anyone know how to remove rivits? On my tiller, where the tiller extention meets the tiller (a plastic area), is rivited... I need to remove the rivits to put a new tiller extention in. I have already tried drilling them out, but it wont budge! Thanks Robby
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    3M Marine Sealent

    I need to know what kind of sealent you guys would use for the laser. It seems like my choices are 3M 5200, 3M 4200, 3M 4000. BUT WHAT I REALLY WANT TO KNOW, IS WHAT DO YOU RECCOMEND?? I have removed the daggerboard break, the rachet block, the auto bailer, and the aft drain plug. I am...
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    Laser drain plug fitting

    I recently unscrewed the drain plug fitting and the ratchet/hiking strap fitting in order to put on new ones. Can I just screw the new ones in? or do I have to seal the area or use calking? Please let me know! Thanks Robby
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    Need Fiberglass Repair Work Done

    Hi, I am wondering if there is anyone in the West Palm Beach, Florida area who knows someone who does fiberglass work on dighnys. I have a fiberglass issue in the centerboard trunk area!!! please help! thanks Robby
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    Drain Plug Question

    Hi, I am wondering if never removing the plug could cause damage to the boat, especially the hull? I stored my boat (circa 96') for about a year and a half to two years upside down (on the deck) in a covered area in sunny south florida without removing the drain plug. Could the heat have...
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    Deck Cleaning (yellow deck)

    I purchased my laser in 1996 and the cockpit and deck of the boat used to be bright white, but now it has a yellow tint to it (probably from lots of exposure to sun). I am wondering if anyone knows how to remove the yellow tint and which products to use to do this? Any suggestions would be...