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  1. laserrad90

    2004 'fish

    Very interested in your boat can you please send pictures to or call me at (252)-249-4908 ext. 2. I would like to make a deal as soon as possible. Thank You, Phil Forgione
  2. laserrad90

    laser 173230 full/ radial

    Boat has been sold thanks for the interest.
  3. laserrad90

    laser 173230 full/ radial

    The boat is still for sale if you give me an email address I can send you pictures.
  4. laserrad90

    laser 173230 full/ radial

    The boats still for sale Ill get you those pictures by tomorrow or wednesday
  5. laserrad90

    laser 173230 full/ radial

    The boat is for sale, I just posted it today. The boat is from 2003. If you are interested give me until saturday and ill get you as many pictures as you want Im out of town until tomorrow.
  6. laserrad90

    laser 173230 full/ radial

    I have a red hull laser 173230 in good condition that has always been garaged when not being raced or sailed. I have both full and radial rigs. Sails always rolled and stroed indoors. -full and radial rigs (2 full bottom sections) -3 full rigs sails (5 races, 12 races, race/...
  7. laserrad90

    Close to new laser

    Im looking for a close to new laser either chartered or other circumstances. I want a new laser but was hoping to cut the costs slighlty or one with a little more gear for the same price as a new one. Let me know either if you have one or have any advice.
  8. laserrad90

    sailing/laser gear

    both drysuits have sold along with the top cover and the blade bag thanks for the interest boots and wetsuit are still available
  9. laserrad90

    Covers for laser

    i have a sailaction bladebag lasted for $30 in the for sale adds if u needed a blade bag
  10. laserrad90

    Laser Stuff.... covers, blocks etc...

    i have a blade bag made by sail actions it is red/gray- $30
  11. laserrad90

    sailing/laser gear

    large dry suit sold
  12. laserrad90

    sailing/laser gear

    I also have gill boots for sale $25 a pair size 11 and 5 blue and yellow
  13. laserrad90

    sailing/laser gear

    pictures coming soon by tonight (Tuesday)
  14. laserrad90

    sailing/laser gear

    2 gill drysuits- $160 each used lightly, taken care of, one small, one large 1 contempro 7mm wetsuit- $40 small, again taken care of APS blade bag- $30 hole in the lower corner where the corner of the centerboard goes, none of the padding is gone however and it is just torn a little...
  15. laserrad90

    Bent Lower Mast

    Anyone have any home remedies for rebending lower standard masts?
  16. laserrad90

    Bent Lower Mast

    I was racing at laser midwinters in clearwater and on the last day my upper broke at the rivet and my bottom bent significantly. Anyone out there know if the lower can be re-bent or if buying a new spar is the only option. Phil
  17. laserrad90

    Carbon Fibre Tiller Wanted

    Anyone willing to sell their carbon fibre tiller? Will buy for a fair price. Thanks, Phil Forgione
  18. laserrad90

    Need full rig sail

    still need a sail! Give me a reasonable offer and ill take it.
  19. laserrad90

    2 radial sails

    both sails are sold! sorry Phil
  20. laserrad90

    Harken blocks on boom

    Is it class legal to replace the standard blue blocks with harken or any other type of performance blocks. Let me know. Phil