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  1. Kitecop

    New cruising sails

    Has anyone used any sails from the sail store or SLO sails or any other $600 or so sail? Whats the best bang for the buck? Just crusing, no racing.
  2. Kitecop

    For Sale:  Main Sail

    I've got a main sail that i think is the original from my 1988. It is in pretty good shape, i just did a major cleaning on it. It has 2 small tears, size on a pencil eraser. They have sail tape on them thats holding just fine cause it had clean sail to adhear to. Make an offer. I'm looking to...
  3. Kitecop

    Homemade tiller extensions

    has anyone made them? I need one for my capri 14. Was thinking of using a golfclub shaft.
  4. Kitecop

    Furler angle

    i just got a 14.2, its an 88 so mod 1. It has the furler jib setup but I've noticed that the furler sits at such and angle that the line rubs on it when it goes in and out. I'm contemplating putting a fairlead on the deck to run the line through so it spools and unspools properly on the furler.
  5. Kitecop

    Wanted:  Mod 1 hatch cover

    Looking for a hatch cover or detailed pics and specs so i can make 1. Its for a 1988 so Mod 1.
  6. Kitecop

    I need a boom, rudder, dagger and sails for a V15

    Hoping to find some good used parts to complete a boat. I need a boom, rudder/tiller and dagger. I will buy new sails if needed.
  7. Kitecop

    Is this Vanguard 15 worth it?

    I have been looking for a Capri 14.2 for some time but have just been unable to find one close to me. A Vanguard 15 has popped up 20min from me BUT, it is only the hull standing rigging and mast. No boom rudder dagger or sails. What is there is in good shape or better. How much would it be...
  8. Kitecop

    Bridle length for 11'3" mystery boat

    what is the rule for bridle length? Just long enough so the tiller clears underneath it when steering?
  9. Kitecop

    Dynema rigging

    i just picked up this boat and would like to replace the standing rigging with amsteel. This is my first sailboat, i dont know anything bout the boat itself but i have figured out how to rig it. Any tips in rigging with dyneema?
  10. Kitecop

    What boat is this?

    hello forum. I an an avid kitesurfer and am looking to get into sailing now. Been looking for a sunfish and came across this boat. I dont know the make or anything about it. Was hoping someone on here would recognize it.