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  1. billveno83

    Someone looking for a windward sheeting car/traveler? I have a Harken setup available.

    If someone has been looking for a windward sheeting car/traveler setup, I have one available. If you're interested, please send me a message with e-mail and I can send pics. Thanks! Bill Veno
  2. billveno83

    Looking for a decent used J24 Boom

    I have finally gotten to see the ‘86 J24 I bought - but have not seen in person until this week (thanks to Covid travel restrictions). The (originally white) boom has been painted with what looks like - yes - Rustoleum. So, I am faced with trying to remove this coating (probably not feasible)...
  3. billveno83

    J/24 logos

    I am looking for a vendor of white stick-on or sew-on J/24 logos for a new (to me) mainsail cover. Looking for ‘white’ colored logo for blue sail cover. Whom do I contact for such things?
  4. billveno83

    Two questions from a newbie to J/24 sailing ...

    There is supposedly no such thing as a dumb question, so here goes. I have purchased a 1986 J/24 that I won’t get to see in person until May (way too cheap to not make a purchase), but hull #4249 looks pretty solid and survey is coming. Boat did not include a motor. Meanwhile, I am doing the...