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  1. NH470

    Gunwale pads

    Guys, anyone know where I can get a set of gunwale hiking pads?
  2. NH470

    Spinnaker pole

    Does the spinnaker pole really have to be 6'3" or will the forespar 6' pole work?
  3. NH470

    Looking for 470 Owners in New England

    So far since I have posted on the page I have had one person contact me through the site and meet a random guy while I was breaking down my boat. He was amazed that I had a 470 and he didn't know of any others. He was impressed with my 1973 when he had 2007 and wanted to swap ideas and do a...
  4. NH470

    73 hull construction

    I have a 73 vanguard and would like to redo the hull. Is the hull get coat or epoxy?
  5. NH470

    470's in New England?

    I just bought a 1973 470, it needs some tlc and I have to figure out what half of the random lines are going to. Does anyone have any good layouts? I have owned and sailed on keel boats, Hobie Cats and Lasers. The 470 has researching a ton because I don't know or haven't looked at it long enough..