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  1. laketahoe

    Rudder/Tiller/Extension for sale

    I have a rudder/tiller/tiller extension for sale from a 2004 14.2. It was misplaced, a new one ordered for the boat so we could make our vacation trip, then found after the fact. So I'm selling the original one and keeping the new one. The new one cost me $580 after tax and shipping. So...
  2. laketahoe

    Sailing on Lake Tahoe

    Just got back from a few weeks with having a new to me 2004 Mod 3 14.2 at Lake Tahoe. I made a few modification before the trip, mostly based on posts I have seen here. All of which I was very glad I did- 1) Installed a Hobie Baby Bob for extra piece of mind to not turtle. We actually had...