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    Tiller handle

    Put a screw in the tiller slightly ahead of the box channel on rudder. That's how it's done on the C16.5k
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    Just an introduction...

    I have a 16.5 keel. No issues with mud, it either cuts thru or stops. Rocks is another thing as they scratch the bottom paint. Just stick to deeper water (3+) and anchor off the shore. A Danforth HT 5# with 6' of chain works great.
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    Repeated capsizing

    You can get two of those concrete bricks without holes that weight 30 to 35# each, wrap it in a towel or carpet, place one on each side of centerboard trunk floor. The weight will increase your upright stability markedly if you are not racing or bringing children aboard. One capsize will scare...
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    For Sale:  AmericanSail 14.6 roller furling jib (with furler); $250.00

    Upgraded boat to a Catalina 16.5 with fixed keel in 2017 and sold AS14.6. Sail dimensions are. Luff 13.79' Foot 6.17' Leech 12.167' Mast height 20'6" I sailed with two concrete blocks , one on each side of keel trunk to make boat extremely stable. Never flipped it or turtled it. Sail was used...
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    Weighted Centerboard?

    Its been a few yrs since i built that weighted keel core centerboard. Boat was bottom painted and left at a marina in salt water for two years w centerboard down. Only thing happen was one barnacle on drain plug. Zero problems. My daughter Used Micron CSC bottom paint. Copper is way more...
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    FAQ: What Should I Do To Prevent Turtling?

    You can also get an elastic mainsheet to absorb the impact of a strong gust before you can release the mainsheet. sealing the mast is not enough. Not enough flotation to keep boat from dipping the mast. I have turtled a few sailboats. You are sailing along in total control, suddenly a very...