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  1. MrXC

    Sailfish MKII rudder assembly

    If you're not concerned about having original hardware, you can set something up with simple pintles and gudgeons.
  2. MrXC

    Boat Pics

  3. MrXC

    New laser question

    The new Lasers from LP won't be legal for some of the European races, like the ILCA masters in NL, BE, etc. See NOR & SI – Open Dutch Lasermasters Championship. If you want to be both ILCA and "the Laser Class" legal you need to get a pre-split boat
  4. MrXC

    Minimum bar separation for car topping?

    Hi, I have a Ford Focus with only about two feet between my roof rack bars. Fine for bikes and kayaks, but I'm concerned they may not adequately support a Laser for an hour+ drive. Thoughts?
  5. MrXC

    Bottleport fits Ronstan Inspection Ports (pics)

    Why wouldn't be legal? Inspection ports are legal and in fact require a threaded cover, which is what the bottleport is. It's not a modification to the hull itself (the inspection port is). I've used mine in regattas held under class rules and haven't been protested, but also keep the...
  6. MrXC

    Wooden Super Sailfish Restore

    Thanks! I did remove my rails and mast step prior to refinishing. The rails were not a problem, but the mast step was glued and screwed and tore off some of the top later of plywood. I used some filler to level it off before epoxying.
  7. MrXC

    Wooden Super Sailfish Restore

    I have no idea what it is, but the wood on my super sailfish looked the same. To me it seemed like an old top coat of a penetrating substance since the depth was uneven and it didn't hold stain well. I sanded through as best I could, stained the top and then coated the whole hull in...
  8. MrXC

    1964 Wooden Sunfish for Sale

    Any pictures?
  9. MrXC

    Wooden Sailfish for sale in MI

    Sometimes you do!
  10. MrXC

    Laser Sailing in Belgium

    I'll be spending the next few years in Brussels and am looking for a home base for Laser sailing less than an hour from the city. Antwerp seems to have a few active clubs at the Galgenweel, but the pros and cons of each are less clear. Any recommation there or elsewhere? I'd like to be able...
  11. MrXC

    Never sailed before, bought a albacore 16. Need mast footing/mast step repairs?

    Lots of good advice on setting up an Albacore can be found here, albeit some more complex for racing: Rigging and Equipment | United States Albacore Association I have a 1981 Skene Albacore I restored last year and its a really fun boat. I haven't sailed it much this year because COVId-19...
  12. MrXC

    Sail for 1981 Phantom 14'

    The sunfish sail will work fine.
  13. MrXC

    Started with dinghy; What’s next...

    I have similar thoughts going through my head, including looking at the J/22. Another boat of similar size but designed to be singlehanded friendly is the Harbor 20 but they are expensive. A Daysailer might be a good option but I haven't seen one on the water. Lastly, if you're not concerned...
  14. MrXC

    What to wear in Maryland; fall and spring sailing

    Where in MD? We sail Lasers all year on the Potomac. A Drysuit and a base layer can get you through the winter, but starts to get a bit warm as the temp hits 50'sh. After that a wetsuit should get you through to the warm weather hits
  15. MrXC

    Something inside my Laser hull

    Zoomie is the same vintage and my cubitainers have disintegrated as well. Everytime I open my inspection port a new piece arrives!
  16. MrXC

    70s Alcort Sailfish refresh

    Looks good. Assuming its water tight, I'd lightly sand it and paint the deck with topside paint and get it on the water. You're going to want to keep the traction pad - I learned last weekend that a slick sailfish deck makes for a very wild ride!
  17. MrXC

    Early 50s sailfish restore

    Ready for sea trials this weekend
  18. MrXC

    Early 50s sailfish restore

    More pictures. Now with most of her hardware.
  19. MrXC

    Early 50s sailfish restore

    Wood work and finishing complete. Now to put her back togethet!
  20. MrXC

    Nice feature on an old Sailfish

    With all the Sailfish showing up here lately, who is going to the first to add a trapeze!