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  1. MrXC

    Minimum bar separation for car topping?

    Hi, I have a Ford Focus with only about two feet between my roof rack bars. Fine for bikes and kayaks, but I'm concerned they may not adequately support a Laser for an hour+ drive. Thoughts?
  2. MrXC

    Laser Sailing in Belgium

    I'll be spending the next few years in Brussels and am looking for a home base for Laser sailing less than an hour from the city. Antwerp seems to have a few active clubs at the Galgenweel, but the pros and cons of each are less clear. Any recommation there or elsewhere? I'd like to be able...
  3. MrXC

    Soft Shackle Clew Tie Down

    My brain is wandering too much during lockdown. Is there any reason not to use a soft shackle instead of the velcro clew tie down? It seems like one would constitute a "tie line" with a "fastening device." It could violate the builders supplied rule, but the rules don't specify a tie down...
  4. MrXC

    Naked Super Sailfish

    Step 1 of social distancing project. Tomorrow I'll be staining, then sealing followed by some accent paint.
  5. MrXC

    Line splicing question

    I'm making a split tail mainsheet for my Albacore using a Sta Set main and spectra legs. The instructions I've read online say to sew the bite in the legs to the end of the core, but I'm wondering whether I could thin the Sta Set core and weave the spectra legs through a few inches of the core...
  6. MrXC

    Brass Drain - does it wear out?

    My Laser takes water into the cockpit from the drain. I installed a new autobailer, which helped but did not fully resolve the problem. I cleaned the brass plug and put waterproof grease on the plug which helped a bit more. My only remaining theories are the brass drain is worn or the fit is...
  7. MrXC

    VIRGINIA Phantom 14 for Sale

    Selling my 1983 (I think) Howmar Marine Phantom 14. Includes a new mainsheet block and cleat ($80), cover ($100'sh) and traveler. I also re-varnished the wood rudder this summer so it should be good to go for years. The daggerboard is fiberglass. The dolly is not included. The Phantom 14 is...
  8. MrXC

    Restoring a Super Sailfish

    Just sharing pictures of the first few scrapes of this winter's restoration project. I plan on taking her down to raw wood and keeping a mostly natural finish with some accent paint The hull seems solid so mostly cosmetic work.
  9. MrXC

    Using a bicycle spoke tension meter to measure shroud tension?

    Has anybody used a bicycle spoke tension meter to measure the tension on a wire shroud? I'm setting up an Albacore after spending most of my time on a Sunfish or club boats set up by somebody else. I'm also an avid cyclist and hoping I can buy one tool for both sports (and a bike spoke...
  10. MrXC

    Inexpensive Albacore Cover

    Anybody have a good source for a relatively inexpensive cover for an Albacore with the mast and boom raised? Most of the ones I've found are coming from the UK and international shipping and the exchange rate bring costs up. I'd prefer to spend $250 or less, but that might be wishful thinking...