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    Deck cover

    Does anyone have a j 24 deck cover for sale? Please send me an email to Thanks! Andrew

    Bent t-bolt

    I noticed the "t-bolt" is slightly bent (part that attaches to the chain plate) adn ordered a new one from Vella Sailing supply. The new one is about 1/2 inch shorter. I also called Waterline and there is the same size, Any advice? Thanks! for your insight!

    Prep below the waterline

    Looking for opinions. I used Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wax (spray on) for my car and the water just beads off - great stuff! I was think how would this work on the hull. I have always been told not to wax below the waterline because the water can adhere to some waxes and slow performance, but...

    Paint Sprayer

    Any recommendations for a paint sprayer. I am going to spray VC 17 on the bottom and I have an air compressor but do not know the advantages/disadvantages of gravity vs siphon spray gun. I would like to hear from someone who has experience with this.

    Keel Bolts

    Does anyone know what the Ft/Lbs should be for the keel bolts. I do not want to over torque them.

    Looking for measurement numbers..

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Working on fairing my keel and making the trailing edge min length. I would like to hear about measurements for section 2 and the tip of the trailing edge of keel from the transom. I know the measurement number for section 4 (3095-3125mm) and the top of the keel...

    To template or not to template - That is the question

    Ok, it is winter, boat is put away and I know my blades need work. I am an avid club level racer and my blades do not measure into class rules The keel is too far forward (and too thin) and rudder is just too thin. Did I mention I do not have a big budget for this project? The rest of the...

    J -24 Templates

    Does anyone have J - 24 templates they want to pass along to a new J-24 owner to correct aggressively fared blades?

    Block size

    I wanted to get some feedback on turning block size. Specifically genoa and spinnaker blocks. Yes, I have read/seen most of the the guides out there, but has anyone increased the size to a 75m block? If so, has it helped or has there been no change. Some of my blocks need to be upgraded, but...

    Gel Coat cracks topside

    I recently bought a 1988 J 24 and while I was compounding the hull, I noticed 4 (2 sets of 2) small vertical hairline cracks in the gel coat. It looks like the gel coat got pushed in between two "ribs". The location is aprox mid-ship (starboard side) and are about 6 inches long starting from...