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  1. NC28460

    Sunfish Identification and Restoration

    11 new photos by Jojo Cariaso I recently acquired a project Sunfish that I am unable to identify year. I am hoping I can get some advice on what direction to take with repairs. I can see: There are no hull stamps visible to identify. I am thinking that previous repairs have covered up any...
  2. NC28460

    End cap removal and lower boom repair

    I am switching out a salt corroded lower boom. Do I need to remove the end cap to switch out the gooseneck? I also plan on trying the refurb the corroded boom. Can I use JB Marine Weld to fill the pitted areas followed by a light sand and coating with spray primer?
  3. NC28460

    NORTH CAROLINA Wanted: Replacement mast.

    Looking for a used replacement mast in Central/Eastern NC for a recreation used Sunfish.
  4. NC28460

    Mast Corrosion Repair

    I recently discovered some mast corrosion and a used Sunfish that I just purchased. After extensive searching, I am unable to find any specific guidance on mast repair. Damage is on both ends within 3 inches from the caps. I am thinking about bondo filler followed by fiberglassing to help...