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    Hey... I capsized, too!

    With all these threads about capsizing and turtling, I just had to recount what happened last Friday. It was a perfect day for sailing except I was by myself and the wind was unpredictable on the Severn. One minute it was dead still and the next I was flying across the river. The fun...
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    For Sale:  Baby Bob Brackets

    Hello Folks, As some of you already know, I made a bunch of brackets to attach the Hobie Baby Bob atop the C-14 mast. The "Bob" provides 32 lbs of buoyancy and prevents turtling if the C-14 is blown over. Since the original thread about the problem, the brackets have been trickling out...
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    Baby Bob to the rescue - I hope!

    We had our sixth voyage on the C-14 this past Sunday and wow! What an adventure! The afternoon started quietly enough with my wife and two daughters aboard. Winds were 5-10 kts with occasional gusts to 13. I have a Minn Kota trolling motor and it was so calm, we needed it to exit the marina. My...
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    Plastic Grommets - what are they?

    As some of you may know, I recently acquired a 1994 Capri 14 and I'm still figuring things out. One thing that puzzles me are two grommets in the seat risers all the way forward on both sides of the cockpit. They sort of flank the cubby opening and they have some stray fibers poking out from...