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  1. Flieger

    Sealing mast and booms

    Is it necessary to seal the mast and booms to prevent water from getting in during a capsize?
  2. Flieger

    A sail is not a sail...

    I'd like to know the difference between the following sails: 1. LP Race sail ($395) 2. LP Regular sail ($300) 3. Intensity sail ($199) Does anyone have experience with all of these?
  3. Flieger

    Maiden Voyage

    I want to say thanks to this forum who helped me to get my fixer-upper to sail. With your help I was able to do the following repairs: Modern rudder upgrade Inspection ports installation Minor hull patching Caulking Daggerboard restauration Rigging Leak test I'm happy to say that my wife and...
  4. Flieger

    Sail knots

    Which knots should I use to attach the 1. Head to the upper boom cap. 2. Clew to the lower boom cap. How tight should they be?
  5. Flieger

    Vacation Sailboat Rental

    All, i'm looking for recommendations for small sailboat rentals anywhere in the US, Mexico, and/or Caribbean. I typically see ads for Hobie cats, but any sort of small sailboat would be ok. thx.
  6. Flieger

    Self tapping screws

    For installing an inspection port, what's preferred? self tapping screws or nuts and Bolts?
  7. Flieger

    Bridle question

    I've see bridles with a loop in the center, an other without. What are the advantages of one over the other?
  8. Flieger

    Buying a new Sunfish

    I'd like to find out about personal experiences with buying a new Sunfish. Has anyone here done this?
  9. Flieger

    TEXAS New Style Rudder

    I'm looking for a new style rudder.
  10. Flieger

    Bottom of boat hole

    Hi all, i'm attempting to replace the old-style rudder with a new one. In the bottom of the hull, where the bottom plate was attached, is a hole. What would be the best way to patch this up? Thanks
  11. Flieger

    DePersia Bailer Removal

    Hi all, I bought an old Sunfish fixer upper and am trying to remove the old De Persia bailer. The nut is missing, but try as I might, I'm unable to remove the bailer. Any tips what to do here?