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  1. beaker

    need a used full rig MKII sail.

    I have a Used MK2 Full rig sail. $150.00 plus 12.50 to ship.
  2. beaker

    LASER Parts -

    What year about?? Foam core. Grey top. New GRP.
  3. beaker

    LASER Parts -

    What rudder is it??
  4. beaker

    Sunfish/Laser v. Vanguard Lasers

    The later year Sunfish Laser boats were great As were the Vanguard Boats and early laser Performance Boats. There was a 6 month grouping of LP boats that are a cancerous bunch with rail splitting and falling apart. Some hard sailors are having problems with the last 2 years of L.P. boats. I...
  5. beaker

    Spars needed in New England

    I have a couple upper mart sections and a lower that has been straightened. I am in Portsmouth to.
  6. beaker

    Laser parts wanted

    I saw a medium flat rate box for 13 and change. So 14 bucks??
  7. beaker

    Laser parts wanted

    If you pay for shipping I can send ya a hiking strap and mainsheet block. I have an old style vang setup if wanted.
  8. beaker

    For Sale- New MKI sail, Used MKI sail and Uppers

    Hi all, Sails- All North MKI sails- New Folded sail- New in sealed plastic $400 or best offer Rolled sail- Used for 2015 Laser Masers worlds and 1 practice day. Numbered (with my numbers) and USA $325 or best offer Spars- All Aluminum spars New Never used 2016 Upper...
  9. beaker

    Roll Call, MKII sails, who has them? Looking to buy.

    Will they send it with a bottle of wine???
  10. beaker

    Roll Call, MKII sails, who has them? Looking to buy.

    Hello Hello, Myself, and others are looking to buy new sails. Who has MKII in stock. I know its a touchy subject....... Thanks Scott
  11. beaker

    Strange goings-on in the Sunfish class

    I guess LP was with holding boats for the 2017 worlds, they had no intention to ship them until the customer, the Charter Supplier, informed them that LP had a Paid in Full contract with him not ISCA and that LP would be liable for all expenses incurred by not delivering the boats. Once that...
  12. beaker

    A little laser sail today.

    Yeah that's dead low tide
  13. beaker

    Looking to pick up a Laser II, but...

    I believe Intensity Sails has sails and rudder blade in stock. Really a great company. Totally picking up where the factory ignores. No one has done more to keep old lasers on the water than them.
  14. beaker

    Something inside my Laser hull

    In newer boats that noise mostly means that a cap has come loose from the cubetainers, in all boats it can mean that a chunk of glue has come loose. Maybe the excess from the cockpit or maststep joint?
  15. beaker

    A little laser sail today.

    Went out with a couple buddies today. Newport fleet 413. Enjoy
  16. beaker

    Wanted main and jib

    Hi all. Looking for a set of sails. Anything around??
  17. beaker

    470 Main for sale

    Oh...this was from 2016 guys... years ago.
  18. beaker

    470 Main for sale

    Is this still available??? I can grab it saturday.
  19. beaker

    Laser mast top sections

    Also available is an Australian upper section. Not bent. Stiff!!!!
  20. beaker

    Rigging advice please

    The laser class handbook had a good example of the mast tie down. I run Cunningham on left. It's my preference for no reason but that's what I do. I have deck cleats. Use them rarely but like having the option. Once again it's personal preference.