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    Good forum for 470 questions

    I know this seems odd, but can anyone recommend a good place to ask for 470 help on the internet? Many of the questions here seem to go unanswered, so I was wondering if anyone knew a place that was perhaps more heavily trafficked by 470 owners with experience.
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    Halyard for 470

    I have a Parker 470, and I had to cut the halyard. What is the proper replacement for the halyard? I believe the original was wire, but it's long gone. The previous owner had rigged up some thin nylon line that was all but unbreakable. Unfortunately, it was also sheer hell on your hands when...
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    Jib attachment

    i apologize in advance for not knowing all the terminology, but I am hoping someone can help confirm how the jib attaches to the bow of a 90s vintage Parker 470. The previous owner used a steel s hook, but I don't think that's the best way to go. I can see the jib Cunningham and I can see how...