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    Securing the rudder?

    Do I need to secure the rudder with some sort of short tether in case it becomes detached from the gudgeon? I am pretty certain I am being paranoid but I thought I would ask. JV
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    Boat Pics (No name yet)

    My first Sunfish project. Mostly new hardware, sheeting and paint. Crafted new rudder and daggerboard from 3/4 mahogany. I have never sailed a sunfish yet but have sailed a Cyclone. Hope it is not much harder. Thankyou for your many helpful replies to my questions. JV
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    Quick question

    The sunfish that I'm refurbishing didn't have a proper eye strap for the ratchet block so I'm installing one. What is the difference between the two eye straps in the photo. Which one would be better to use for the ratchet block? Regards JVS
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    Painting the Stripes this weekend - Roll and tip or Spray?

    I am going to mask and paint a blue strip down the center this weekend. The underlying coats are semigloss White. Rustoleum's spray paints have quite a few more choices of blues than their Marine Topside paint which only has "Navy blue". Am I better off sticking to the marine paint or have...
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    Help me get that super smooth finish

    Perfect weather for painting this week. Mid 70's with a light breeze and only 50% humidity. I am using Rustoleum Topside white semigloss on the top and bottom. I primed it with the Rustoleum marine primer last fall. Please take a look at my photo of the finish I am getting and tell me if this a...
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    Too Much Time Between Coats?

    The directions (Rustoleum Marine Primer / Topside Paint) is clear regarding the minimum time between recoats. My question is, "May I wait a prolonged time between recoats as long as I prep the surface properly?" My work schedule and the amount of daylight are making it difficult to put on a...
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    Primer Coat , Should I thin?

    I am using Rustoleum's Marine primer and I am having trouble getting a smooth coat. We are using a foam roller and trying to smooth out the edges with a brush. I live in California and it is 80° today. The primer is drying so fast it's been very difficult getting anything resembling a smooth...
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    Epoxy problems

    Can anybody tell me what might be happening here? I am brushing on two part total boat marina epoxy on a newly built daggerboard. Between coats I have been sanding with 120 grit to bring down any high spots and then wiping it down with acetone. On subsequent coats the epoxy doesn't seem to...
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    Trailer bunks?

    I am going to outfit my trailer with bunks this weekend. I bought swivel bakets so I can adjust the bunks as flat as possible against the hull. Are 2X4s wide enough or should I install 2X6s. I will also be adding padding and carpet. Regards, JV
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    Epoxy coating wood

    I just finished making a new daggerboard out of mahogany. Now it is time to epoxy the wood. Should I thin the first coat of epoxy or is that unnecessary? How much epoxy do I need for each coat? How many coats should I apply. JV
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    Deck stripe question

    I am getting ready to paint my Sunfish. Its an 88 but I really like the look of the blue center stripe on the newer models, Similar tothe one shown below. I would like to do a straight copy cat of it. I cannot seem to find a good top down image of the paint scheme anywhere. Do any of you know...
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    Spar storage while trailering

    I know this has been discussed before but I was wondering if there is a consensus of which is the better (safer) way to transport spars, mast and sail. Should I set up my trailer to carry the spars in a storage bag up against the trailer bunks or is it better to just go ahead and carry them on...
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    My first Sunfish

    I bought my first Sunfish just yesterday. I live in area where I could not locate a boat for sale within a 3 hr. drive for many months. The one I did find did not have paperwork. I am trying to decipher the number on the stern. It appears to be engraved rather than molded into the hull. I...