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    FLORIDA Bailer Wanted

    Hello, Looking to buy a bailer for my late 70s sunfish. Please send me a message if you have one you’d be willing to sell. Thanks!
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    TEXAS Vintage style sunfish rudder for sale $150

    Hello, Selling a vintage style sunfish rudder. It is in good condition as seen in the pictures. $150 + Shipping from 76039
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    Laser I Daggerboard

    Selling Laser I daggerboard. Buyer pays shipping.
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    Two Lasers for the price of one.

    Hello, I acquired two Lasers withing the last two weeks. Yellow Laser ($400): Bad: Mast step cracked at the bottom (leaks) 1" soft spot Multiple repairs Good: Rainbow sail Trailer included in sale one wood/one composite dagger board Blue Laser (Free)...
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    Newly Acquired Sunfish

    Hello, I recently acquired a 1977 sunfish! Very excited about sailing it this summer. Hull came in weighing about 160lb. That was before removing the drain plug and emptying it out. Once the weather got warmer, I decided to start looking into cutting an inspection port a few inches aft of...
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    Laser Hull ID

    Hello, I just picked up an old laser today. The seller had no idea what he had and knew nothing at all about boats. He received it in a trade a few days ago and drove two hours each way to deliver it. Final Price: 300. Deck and hull are solid, mast step holds water, and is light enough to carry...
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    WANTED: Sunfish Coaming (Michigan)

    Hello, Looking to buy a coaming. Please let me know if you have an extra.