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    Sail Tubes

    Thanks for the help.
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    Sail Tubes

    Thanks. So about 22" long and 1/2" wide would be good. 14' long?
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    Sail Tubes

    I can splice them together to get the 14', but gooseneck requires a slot cut in end, just don't know what size.
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    Sail Tubes

    Inherited a couple of 6" PVC Schedule 40 tubes originally used for Laser sails. Will need to lengthen and put in slot for gooseneck. What overall length is good and how big and how long should be slot? Pictures would be appreciated. Thanks, Eric
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    WTB: Laser

    I am looking for one also. Email is: Let me know what you have with pictures if possible. Thanks, Eric
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    2016 Laser Radial and three boat trailer

    Is trailer still available? Thanks, Eric
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    Laser trailer for sale

    Sorry, just saw your reply. Could you send pictures to:
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    Laser trailer for sale

    Is your trailer still available? Thanks, Eric
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    Sunfish Wanted

    Do you want the newer style hull or doesn't it matter? How much are you looking to spend? Eric
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    Sunfish Wanted

    Are you looking for a rec or racing boat?
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    Sunfish wanted in CT/NY/NJ/MA area

    My brother Greg has some you might be interested in:
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    2014 Sunfish , Wilmington NC

    Is this boat still available? Thanks, Eric
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    I wondered if you had any pictures available? I'm in Sarasota. Thanks, Eric