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  1. paintboy

    AMF Trac 14 and 16 catamarans

    I would remove the old plug base and use those yak plugs you have in the package. Those are the same plugs I put on the trac 14. You might have to modify the screw holes a little for the new base but it will be worth the effort. You can find replacement plugs and should have an extra incase one...
  2. paintboy

    Ratsey & Lapthorn

    Ok. FINE! SC has spoken and he is the sunfish master. If you open the bag just be real careful and cut just one seam open and save the bag. You can always put it back in the original bag for safe keeping.
  3. paintboy

    Ratsey & Lapthorn

    If you can afford another sail I would leave that one in the bag. That is a really cool vintage piece you have there.
  4. paintboy

    Still have my sunfish and have added a 14' goldfish and Holder/Hobie 14

    Still have my sunfish and have added a 14' goldfish and Holder/Hobie 14
  5. paintboy

    New to me Sunfish

    Congrats, you and your son will have a great time with a sunfish. Get the sunfish owners guide that Signal Charlie wrote and read it cover to cover, it has a lot of great information.
  6. paintboy

    Sail Repair Pics

    I love the look. One of a kind design.
  7. paintboy

    AMF Trac 14 and 16 catamarans

    I currently own a trac 14 and wondered how many more are out there. Any tips or advice on it? We have only had it in the water once this past summer but plan on many trips next summer. Looks to be a quality built boat and I like how it can be disassembled for storage.
  8. paintboy

    1950s Alcort Super Sailfish ZSA ZSA Restoration

    I have learned to use my right hand with my circular saw. Maybe the letters should be rearranged "KILS"saw.
  9. paintboy

    58 Mile Trip

    Good luck, sounds like you are ready. Look forward to hear how it went and see some video.
  10. paintboy

    DFW Sunfish Repair

    Fibrworx in Hurst Texas might be able to help. They specialize in fiberglass boat repair and it's my cousins shop whom I would trust to do a great job.
  11. paintboy

    First Post

    I love the glitter/flake on the splash guard. I would guess someone repainted the guard and the one stripe with metal flake automotive paint then cleared the deck to seal everything. I actually though about adding some flake to my sunfish to give it that custom look. Not the whole thing just...
  12. paintboy

    Buy Sunfish = No wind

    I feel your frustration too. I also sail in NE Texas and the wind has been low or nothing at all when I could actually make it to the lake. I can't remember how many days I think wow today would be a great day to sail only to be stuck at work.
  13. paintboy

    Boat Trailer Bunks for the Fish

    I have a trac 14 catamaran that I carry with my sunfish. You might be able to set up something like that for kayaks on the side. The SF rests on pool noodles wrapped in carpet in the center and bunks on each side. The nose rests on the bow stop and the roller on the front only touches the hull...
  14. paintboy

    When is it time to call it quits?

    The last time my boat was wet other than rain was Oct 2016. I work a lot and have kids in activites that keep me busy but realize that will not last forever and I will have time to spend sailing in the future. I tried 3 or 4 times this last year to go but something always happened. Got home...
  15. paintboy

    Zuma with a soft and flexing hull

    I have a 1985 Zuma I just picked up and it seems to me the hull is really flexable compaired to my sunfish. Just the weight of the empty boat on the trailer bunks makes a slight indentation in the hull. Is this normal or has the hull gotten weak over time? I can't decide if I should cut...
  16. paintboy

    Starting at the BEGINNING

    So I guess mounting a 64" plasma TV with surround sound would be a challenge on a sunfish??? ;) I agree with just sailing and enjoy the trip, leave the electronics at home. ;) I hope everyone has a great labor day weekend.
  17. paintboy

    Pre-72 rudder, hardware and daggerboard

    The rudder,tiller and hardware (minus the pin I talked about in my previous post) are still available for $160 plus shipping. If anyone is interested let me know. Thanks.
  18. paintboy

    Pre-72 rudder, hardware and daggerboard

    Yep. Still have the items available. I will send you a PM and we can work out the details on shipping and payment. I just glad to find someone that can use them.
  19. paintboy

    Pre-72 rudder, hardware and daggerboard

    I will take $180 for the dagger board, rudder and hardware for the rudder. Shipping will be an additional expense for the purchaser.
  20. paintboy

    Starting at the BEGINNING

    I would just try and seal up the leaks and run a buffing pad on the hull to shine it up a bit and use it. That's what I did with my sunfish so I can teach my kids how to sail and not worry if they scratch it or if it gets bumped loading on the trailer. Looks like you have a fun project and are...