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  1. Seaotter5

    Now I have 2 boats…

    Better keep a close eye on your two boats. They tend to multiply!
  2. Seaotter5

    Question about substitute masts

    On FB, a guy from The Netherlands asked how much it would cost to ship a mast to him. I am sure that he will quickly discover that it would probably be cheaper to just buy a new one locally. But the question got me thinking: would it be possible to make one’s own mast, using conduit or...
  3. Seaotter5

    Strange Request- Feel Free to Make Fun of Me...

    I have been experimenting with using a Minifish sail rig on my Sunfish. I haven’t gotten to the point where I have experimented with anything greater than 10 mph breezes, but so far it seems to make the Sunfish a bit “calmer”. And slower, of course. But sometimes slower is ok. I also have an...
  4. Seaotter5

    They’re back!

    Another season of “Sunfish Funfish” racing videos has begun! These are pretty much the opposite of the usual “stuffy” sailboat racing videos, but reflect the more relaxed approach to racing that many Sunfish racers have. They actually make racing look (and sound) fun!
  5. Seaotter5

    Hammock Spinnaker

    One of the greatest weaknesses of the Sunfish (IMHO) is the lack of any means of reducing sail area. I am aware of the various adaptations out there, and they are fine for racing/day sailing, but they really aren’t adequate for us normal sailors who are reluctant to venture out into 30 mph winds...
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    Sailfish help

    One of the best ways to get Sailfish parts is to Keep an eye on FB market place. Every couple of months someone cleans out their garage and find a worn out/trashed boat that they just want gone. I went to go look at one last Fall. The hill was marginal, but it included spars and most of the...
  7. Seaotter5

    Ever rigged up a permanent tow line to tow others behind?

    I have towed 25 foot sailboats and a young adult in an inner tube while rowing (not paddling) one of my Grumman canoes. The 25 foot sailboat was MUCH easier to tow!
  8. Seaotter5

    NEW YORK Looking for parts? Maybe even a boat?

    Anyone looking for a Sunfish with all of its bits and pieces in NY state? Not mine, don’t know anything about it, but at $275 it’s worth it just for the parts!
  9. Seaotter5

    NJ Sunfish Registration

    In PA non-powered boats don’t need to be titled or registered . Most of the ramps are owned by the Fish and Boat administration, and you do need to purchase an on-line sticker if you want to use their ramps or sail on one of the state park lakes. The sticker is easy to get, and the cost is...
  10. Seaotter5

    Back on the water!

    After a very long Winter, it looks like I will be able to get my Sunfish out for the first sail of the season a week from Thursday. I know that’s not exactly earth shattering news, but for me, First Sail day is even more exciting than Christmas!
  11. Seaotter5

    Well, just purchased a Sunfish tonight. Now I just have to get it home...

    Before you do that, check to see if someone nearby can give you a hand. The folks here are really helpful. If you live in CentralPA I would be happy to use my trailer to get your boat home!
  12. Seaotter5

    Anyone know the cost to ship a mast and spars?

    If you have a starting point and a destination, maybe someone here could help you out with the transportation. I have been happy to throw a boat or parts on my roof rack for a friend from time to time.
  13. Seaotter5

    NEW JERSEY Sailfish for sale

    Saw this on FB market place. I don’t know anything about it, but it looks like it’s in good shape and the price is reasonable
  14. Seaotter5

    Sailing!!!! New Viadana Mainsheet Block, Hiking strap and Hiking Strap Adjuster

    Every time I read about these sort of upgrades I get really excited and think about giving them a try. Until I remember that I could double the speed of my boat by just learning how to sail it better. so maybe in a couple of years I will have to give some of these upgrades a try. In the...
  15. Seaotter5

    Mini fish?

    I saw that same ad a year or two ago. It seems to come and go with the tide! I thought about checking into it, but the lack of photos (and the odd narration) discouraged me from even bothering.
  16. Seaotter5

    Snorkeling from a Sunfish

    Great advice! We experienced a “drifting boat” incident years ago. Thankfully the boat wasn’t very far away. We had it anchored, but, as you noted, we needed more scope. The anchor had dragged.
  17. Seaotter5

    Snorkeling from a Sunfish

    I realize that this may be a rather odd question, but has anybody here used a Sunfish as a snorkeling platform? When my wife and I were much younger (and more limber and less bulky) we used to love to go snorkeling, using our 17 foot Grumman canoe as our "dive boat". For years school, kids...
  18. Seaotter5

    Storing in water at small lake

    I thought that I had read that they are being built in Britain now.
  19. Seaotter5

    Rowing a Fish?

    before you go thru all of the effort of building a rowing rig, you might want to try a long kayak paddle. I haven’t used one much with my Sunfish yet, but it’s great with my Minifish and Sailfish. Or you might want to try one of those SUP paddles. Even I can stand in a Sunfish without falling...
  20. Seaotter5

    Rowing a Fish?

    The Sunfish Bible is a compilation of articles from the 70s-90s. It’s a great source for rigging and racing, but it covers other stuff as well. It’s still available from the class association. I forget when I got mine, as it was some time ago. But if I was going to buy a book on the Sunfish, I...