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  1. beldar boathead

    Tomorrow I Launch For the First Time - Seeking Last Minute Advice

    Looks like a shortage of wind. And where the heck is your rudder/tiller ???!!???!? PS - nice shorts!
  2. beldar boathead

    HUGE Sunfish Parts ANNOUNCEMENT and Class Racing

    The rules are already pretty clear about what has to be builder-supplied. If a replacement item isn’t allowed, it isn’t allowed. I agree mast caps have no bearing on performance, but right now they must be builder supplied to be legal.
  3. beldar boathead

    HUGE Sunfish Parts ANNOUNCEMENT and Class Racing

    Based on what I have heard, I think this “huge” announcement means you can use illegal parts at Regional Championships til mid-2022 since legal parts are in short supply. But you will not qualify for the worlds if you are using illegal parts. The illegal parts must be very, very similar to...
  4. beldar boathead

    How's My Rigging?

    Crazy glue might be good too?
  5. beldar boathead

    2011 Sunfish Deck Cracks at Rear Corners of Cockpit

    I vote to leave it too. It’s commonly seen.
  6. beldar boathead

    End cap removal and lower boom repair

    I am pretty sure that cap is only held on by the eyebolt, so once that is removed you can wiggle the cap off.
  7. beldar boathead

    Bottom mast cap

    There was a post about this recently. You will need to shave down the cap to fit.
  8. beldar boathead

    Wax after painting Bottom of Sunfish?

    Yes, the deck will be extremely slippery if waxed. Hulls are not waxed by racers as it slows them down. For rec use it is fine to wax, but I am not sure if there is any benefit.
  9. beldar boathead

    class legal

    If you are upgrading, get the modern board first. The sail isn’t as critical although eventually you will want the race cut.
  10. beldar boathead

    Sail Comparison of new sails, is there a major difference?

    I don’t think so. Sunfish sails from the manufacturer have changed over the years , esp the racing sail which has a lot more draft, but still claim to be 75 sq feet. The Pryde sail may be more accurately measured, and the let new one I saw about 2 years ago was very flat.
  11. beldar boathead

    Sail Comparison of new sails, is there a major difference?

    The Pryde sails were cut very flat. No power. They also used to install windows with a grid pattern in them.
  12. beldar boathead

    How's My Rigging?

    Guybrush, you can Google head and clew to see where he is recommending a piece of line.
  13. beldar boathead

    How's My Rigging?

    Through fairlead and cleat, then back through fairlead, over gooseneck, through fairlead and cleat. Although when starting to sail I don’t think you need a vang.
  14. beldar boathead

    Sunfish upper boom/spar...

    No, that lets the cork fall out, which isn’t that bad. What is bad is the mast saws through the bottom of the boat as it rotates.
  15. beldar boathead

    How's My Rigging?

    I’d put 2 loops of duct tape around the lower boom and run the sheet thru the loops. That will keep the sheet from catching around your hat or your neck when you tack or gybe. Intensity sell Velcro loops but tape works just as well. Not sure you need a vang as a beginner, but it pulls down...
  16. beldar boathead

    Sunfish Identification and Restoration

    That poor boat. Anyway, the rudder bracket is mounted higher than factory, and the gap in the fiberglass lip indicates the boat came with the old style rudder. Since you have a cockpit cubby, the boat is a 1971. They came with a silver sticker with the hull number on the deck. They typically...
  17. beldar boathead

    New Tiller Extension Length

    That 42 inch length is for racing. It’s too long for recreational sailing, especially if you have more than one person on board. I wonder if anyone on here had a newer Sunfish (@norcalsail ?) and can tell you how long their factory extension is.
  18. beldar boathead

    Wax after painting Bottom of Sunfish?

    That paint should be good. I don’t think it’s necessary to wax. Just don’t wax the deck!!!
  19. beldar boathead

    Sanding a dinged up wooden daggerboard

    Check out page 13. The new board came out around this time. Windward_Leg_fall_winter_1992-1993.pdf (