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  1. NCWindRunner

    Zuma cover advice

    Nice! I ended up ordering the Top Gun, which was in stock. The boat is kept outside in coastal NC, but hopefully I won't have mildew issues. I won't be towing the boat with the cover on, or at least don't plan to.
  2. NCWindRunner

    Boat Pics

    The very last photo taken of the boat is the sunset pic... The last sailing photo was that same afternoon using a boom mounted GoPro. Location: Bogue Sound NC.
  3. NCWindRunner

    Zuma cover advice

    FWIW, I ended up ordering a cover from Masthead. They happened to have one in stock, so no long wait to have it fabricated. It's the same Top Gun material and essentially the same price as the SLO cover, just with immediate shipping vs a 6-week wait. Nothing but the best for my Zuma :D
  4. NCWindRunner

    Need advice on replacing cheap Zuma mainsheet blocks

    The cheap mainsheet blocks on my Zuma don't actually spin, the mainsheet just slides through them. I would like to replace them with good ones that actually work. However, the ones on the boom are captive blocks. What's the best way to remove/replace them? Drill out the rivets of the...
  5. NCWindRunner

    Braided polypropylene vs prestretched polyester mainsheet

    Why was my Zuma originally equipped with a braided polypropylene mainsheet? Is it just easier on the hands? Cheaper? "Shock absorption"? Because it floats? I'm looking to make some updates to the boat and am thinking it may be better to go with a more typical type of line.
  6. NCWindRunner

    Zuma cover advice

    Hello, I have a 1990's Zuma that was kept indoors for decades, but the last few years has been outside, upside down on the trailer. The impact of that is wearing on it quickly and I want to cover it, but right side up for convenience. Does anyone have experience with covers from SLO? Zuma...
  7. NCWindRunner

    1977 AMF Alcort with trailer, new sail, bags and accessories - $2500 obo. Delivery possible

    Looks just like my first Sunfish that my parents bought me back in the early 80's (in SE PA).
  8. NCWindRunner

    1978 J24 For Sale

    Did I just see this same boat motoring east down the ICW along Bogue Sound this past weekend?? It was a yellow J24, and I can't imagine there are many of them in NC. The wind was probably 25+ and it looked like the boat was just about surfing the little wind swell!