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    Bottom compound and wax

    If you want a fast finish, wet sand it to at least 800 grit, then use polishing compound with a buffing wheel, then swirl mark remover with the buffing wheel. Do NOT use wax. Either leave it as it is, or put McLube Hullkote on it.
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    Anyone with the Right On trailer?

    I've driven mine thousands of miles at speeds up to 85 mph. No issues.
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    Anyone with the Right On trailer?

    I have one. I've traveled all over the West Coast with it, and it trails/tracks nicely. It's pretty heavy as it's fabricated from steel. The system itself is pretty ingenious and works well. At major regattas when others are running around looking for a set of hands or two to load their boats...
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    Tons of quality laser parts

    How much do you want for the 29mm blocks? Also, there's a rudder in one of the pictures; are you selling that?
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    Exercises specifically for 'Mature' Laser sailors

    Ride your bike... a lot. Do yoga. Focus on stretching your hip flexors.
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    Parting Out Laser Sailboat

    Is the rudder the newer GRP version? You can email me at
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    Sails for Sale

    Hi Paige, do you have any radial sails left? If so, please shoot me an email at Many thanks!
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    Battens in MK2 Full Rig

    I have two MKII, class legal, sails (North). Both of them are experiencing vertical tears in the external reinforcing fabric at the inboard end of the batten pocket, which I've repaired with sticky-back dacron. The battens will not come out of the pockets because there is a loop of material...