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    FLORIDA Wanted laser or Melges 14

    I’m a student in south Florida. I’m looking for a laser in good shape for a reasonable price or a melges 14 at the right price. Please inquire within the website. Thanks for reading
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    Laser repair question

    I don’t think we are going to proceed with this boat, as it needs more work then we originally thought
  3. ROB12345987373828282728

    Laser repair question

    Thanks so much for your help. The sail looks fine and doesn’t have rips. It does need new lines and I’m unsure about Battens.
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    Laser repair question

    We would cartop it. It is the owners son who sailed it and he is at college now. It was sailed by the son before he left. The owner doesn’t know how to rig it. Thanks for the help!
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    Laser repair question

    The boat is four hours away from me so we can’t really look at it. The boat is seaworthy according to the seller. It is a family member of the sellers boat so they do not know how to rig it, which is why the top mast part isn’t in. It is about $500. Is that a fair price?
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    Laser repair question

    I’m looking at this laser to buy. It has a mast step repair/deck repair and I’m not familiar with repairs like this. Is this a good quality repair?
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    2014 Laser Standard in Charleston SC

    Still for sale?
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    FLORIDA Looking for laser in florida

    Looking for a laser in Florida. Send all options. If you have one please tell me in comments and we can try to make a deal
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    1992 Laser w/ 2-boat trailer

    Is it still for sale?
  10. ROB12345987373828282728

    FLORIDA Looking for laser

    Looking for a laser around South Florida. Most likely under 2k but the cheaper the better. Please send all options as I can consider different prices/ conditions. Thanks for reading!