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  1. Seaotter5

    NEW YORK Looking for parts? Maybe even a boat?

    Anyone looking for a Sunfish with all of its bits and pieces in NY state? Not mine, don’t know anything about it, but at $275 it’s worth it just for the parts!
  2. Seaotter5

    Back on the water!

    After a very long Winter, it looks like I will be able to get my Sunfish out for the first sail of the season a week from Thursday. I know that’s not exactly earth shattering news, but for me, First Sail day is even more exciting than Christmas!
  3. Seaotter5

    NEW JERSEY Sailfish for sale

    Saw this on FB market place. I don’t know anything about it, but it looks like it’s in good shape and the price is reasonable
  4. Seaotter5

    Snorkeling from a Sunfish

    I realize that this may be a rather odd question, but has anybody here used a Sunfish as a snorkeling platform? When my wife and I were much younger (and more limber and less bulky) we used to love to go snorkeling, using our 17 foot Grumman canoe as our "dive boat". For years school, kids...
  5. Seaotter5

    Connecticut River Sunfish Race

    Has anyone heard if they are planning to hold the Connecticut River Sunfish Race this year? I bought my Sunfish specifically to participate in that and the Hampton Roads Sunfish Challenge, but I am wondering if either will survive The Plague.
  6. Seaotter5


    This boat looks really, really familiar. Wasn’t it owned at one time by a member of this forum, or did I see it somewhere else on the web?
  7. Seaotter5

    NEW YORK Looking for a boat in New York? Not mine. I know nothing about it. But for $100 the parts alone make it a bargain!
  8. Seaotter5

    There is a kid posting Sunfish videos on YouTube

    This is a kid with a new YouTube channel posting Sunfish videos that I have enjoyed watching. Nothing really new or earth shattering, but it’s always nice to watch a sailing video when I am stuck at home doing chores.
  9. Seaotter5

    Redfish got launched!

    Redfish the Sailfish finally got out on the water today. There were the usual minor glitches: the lower boom was turned 45 degrees in the gooseneck, meaning that the main sheet blocks were on the side of the boom, instead of the bottom. The boat has obviously been in salt water a lot, as the...
  10. Seaotter5

    My poor Sailfish!

    I brought my Super Sailfish (“Redfish”) home in late July, but she still hasn’t made it into the water. Settling my parents estate, home repairs, getting my Minifish (“2Fish”) race tuned, and life in general have conspired to keep her on dry land. Last week I finally got her on the trailer and...
  11. Seaotter5

    Lug rig

    After watching AIR’s videos, and reading some if the old posts on this forum, it seems that perhaps some sort of lug sail rig might improve the Sunfish’s cruising capabilities without sacrificing too much performance. Has anyone actually tried that out? I have seen several proposals,but no...
  12. Seaotter5

    An insane adventure

    If you have ever wanted to go cruising on a Sunfish, you owe it to yourself to check this series out! I am planning my first Minifish cruise, and I was able to pick out a number of helpful ideas. One thing is for certain: Lake Superior is too much for me! I think I will stick to calmer, more...
  13. Seaotter5

    MICHIGAN Wooden Sailfish for sale in MI

    I don't know anything about this except what it states in the ad, but it looks like a vintage wooden Super Sailfish in really good condition!
  14. Seaotter5

    MARYLAND 1950's Wooden Sunfish spars and other old Sunfish stuff. I know nothing at all about the above, but I figured that 1950's era Sunfish parts don't come up for sale very often!
  15. Seaotter5

    Sailing backwards

    On Sunday I was sailing my Minifish Holman Lake at Little Buffalo PA State Park. At least I was trying to sail. The wind was blowing at about two miles an hour, at most, and was shifting 45 to 180 degrees every few moments. I was getting a little too relaxed, and wasn't paying much attention...
  16. Seaotter5

    New ways to use a Sunfish

    This YouTuber has been posting videos on using his Sunfish to more than just race or sail around. A little rough around the edges, but still interesting The Sunfish is evidently far more flexible than I had thought!
  17. Seaotter5

    Happy Birthday!

    Some of you may know that My2fish (a regular contributor here) has a great blog about his Sunfish(as) and Minifish, as well as a lot of other relevant topics. He noted that his blog is now 11 years old. As someone who has trouble maintaining focus for more than 15 or 20 minutes, 11 years seems...
  18. Seaotter5

    Odd mast set up

    I brought my new-to-me Super Sailfish Mkii home on Saturday, and I noticed something odd about the mast. Instead of simply having a hole in the topcap to run the halyard thru, there are blocks at the top and about a foot above the bottom of the mast, preventing the mast from being able to be...
  19. Seaotter5

    Anyone looking for a Minifish 2? I had to take a pass on this one, but it broke my heart! Anyone looking for a Mini2, here's your boat!
  20. Seaotter5

    And the final selection us..... Tomorrow, if all goes right, I will be bringing home what looks like a really nice 1972 Sailfish. My son wants to learn how to sail, and we have been trying to choose between a1960's Sunfish, a really nice 1975 Minifish 2 (just $400!)...